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Bugaboo Dragonfly Vs Fox5 - Full Comparison!

Bugaboo Dragonfly Vs Fox5 - Full Comparison!

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The Bugaboo Dragonfly is Bugaboo’s latest mid-size stroller, smaller than the Fox5 but bigger than the Butterfly, a combination of the Bee and the Lynx. The Fox is much more of an all-terrain stroller, with more features, much closer to what you’d get in a full-size stroller.

Although the Dragonfly wheels are better and stronger than the wheels on the Butterfly, they still don’t compare to the wheels on the Fox5. Also the canopy of the Fox5 is height adjustable, which is really cool, and the footrest is adjustable as well (the Dragonfly doesn’t have a multi-position footrest.) The handle of the Dragonfly doesn’t touch the floor when the Dragonfly is folded, and it has a slimmer fold. Also, the Dragonfly comes with a carry strap that goes over the shoulder, which makes it great for traveling. The Fox is available only with the bassinet - the dragonfly stroller can be purchased without a bassinet if you prefer. 

We love how the Dragonfly bassinet folds up with the stroller, making it so compact. The Bugaboo Dragonfly is amazing for errands and if you'll be taking it in and out of your car, but the Fox is amazing if you’ll be maneuvering the stroller through tougher terrains often. Both of these strollers are excellent options - the Dragonfly is more of a mid-size option, and the Fox is a great full-size stroller. Now's the time to decide which one will work better for you!

Bugaboo Dragonfly

Bugaboo Fox5


11.8 inches wide

23.6 inches wide

Folded Dimensions

Folded Dimensions with Seat:

14.2" x 20.5" x 35.4" 

Folded Dimensions with Bassinet:

12.6" x 20.5" x 35.4"

35" x 21" x 13.3"

Wheel size

7 in. / 8.5 in.

8.5" / 12” 

Reversible seat



Basket capacity

22 lbs.

22 lbs


17.4-21.8 lbs.

22.9-27.8 Ibs

Weight Capacity

50 lbs

50 lbs





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