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Bugaboo Footmuff Review: High Performance

Bugaboo Footmuff Review: High Performance

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Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff Today I’m going to talk about the Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff (a variation of the standard Bugaboo footmuff). I am really pleased and impressed with Bugaboo's footmuff. It is available in three bright and beautiful colors; red, black and arctic grey, and looks so appealing. Aesthetics aside, the Bugaboo high performance footmuff is very functional. I love how it fits so easily onto the seat of any model of Bugaboo’s strollers. The Velcro openings that fit around the harness straps are ingenious. The footmuff is warm and cozy and has an outer shell that is snow, water, wind, and oil repellent. It remains breathable thanks to its incorporation of Teflon and latex, as well as waterproof zippers. The Bamboo Charcoal fleece lining is soft and fuzzy providing excellent warmth and moisture management. Living in a cold climate, I find having a super warm down cover (60/40 duck down/feathers) for the winter and a more comfortable warmth polyester filled one for spring and fall, a huge asset. A really nice touch on Bugaboo’s part is the way the top of the footmuff hooks over the top of the stroller, so elegantly. It can also be brought down to keep Baby extra warm and cozy with the option of cinching it around Baby's head (the elastic is threaded through the hood). There are snaps for folding down the muff when it is not necessary to have Baby bundled all the way up. It keeps the footmuff looking neat and classy, even when partially opened. Inside, the bottom of the footmuff is reinforced for the possibility of dirty shoes. The entire footmuff washes and dries beautifully. When I washed mine on delicate, in cold water, and dried it for a short time on a low setting in my dryer, my Bugaboo high performance foot muff emerged from its wash super soft and fluffed with its colors still vibrant. Although when I first received the package and I thought the foot muff looked very large, it fits snugly into the stroller seat and the extra cover is easy to fold or roll up and store. The entire foot muff can be folded and stored over the summer in the fabric bag in which it is packaged. This footmuff is a huge plus to any Bugaboo stroller. It adds to the class when strolling by, and allows you to leave the messy, always falling baby blanket at home, while still keeping Baby warm, cozy, dry, and looking sharp. About the Author: Hi, I'm Temima, a mother of four who has a small obsession with all things “baby”. I am fascinated by stroller designs and all the new sleeping, carrying and feeding gear options that are constantly hitting the market. As an engineer I find the new designs so ingenious in how they manage to keep baby (or toddler) warm, cozy and safe, while still looking so sharp. I am a big fan of baby accessories that look good but are also easy and practical for mom and dad to use.

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