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Bugaboo Prices are Going Up - Lock In Savings TODAY!

Bugaboo Prices are Going Up - Lock In Savings TODAY!

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Big changes are coming on April 1st from Bugaboo... both good, and no-so-good. Let's talk about the good first:) Bugaboo's HOT new colors, including Soft Pink and Ice Blue canopies, and Dark Khaki and Navy accessories, are going to be shipping April 1st! All canopies will now be extendable, providing more coverage for your precious cargo! Mix and match these great new shades to create a unique Bugaboo that is your style. In addition - all strollers purchased on/after April 1st, will now be under a 3 year warranty from Bugaboo. That's great news for everyone because most people want to use their strollers for years. Not such great new? Bugaboo Prices are going up all across the board, aside from the Bugaboo Bee (something tells us that there's going to be a new Bugaboo Bee soon!). So you've got a choice - either purchase your Bugaboo now for a bit less - but you won't get the new canopy or colors or 3 year warranty, or wait until April 1st and for a bit more - you get everything. ... OR you can PREORDER YOUR BUGABOO 2014 STROLLER now - lock in the cheaper price - and on April 1st, your stroller with the extendable canopy will ship. You'll only have a 2 year warranty though...

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