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New From Bugaboo: The Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller! Full Review

New From Bugaboo: The Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller! Full Review

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New Bugaboo Runner Bugaboo Runner
GET YOUR BUGABOO RUNNER NOW > After many hints, teasers and clues (track lanes, reps dressed in Lulu Lemon, and gifts of Nikes to lucky recipients) and being under tight wraps for weeks, Bugaboo, celebrating its 20th (!) year of iconic Bugaboo design, revealed its gorgeous new stroller: the Bugaboo Runner!! The Runner is unique, in that, not only not bearing the name of an animal like its predecessors, but that it is a frame that works with your existing seats and accessories. Just connect and GO. It has a very smooth ride, perfect for runners and jogging moms and pops, and any, yes ANY bugaboo seat will work with it. The 3-wheeled Runner features a height adjustable handlebar, hand "speed brake" (for better control when running), a parking foot brake as well, 16" wheels with air tires, incredible suspension, and sleek lines, the likes of which we have all come to expect from Bugaboo. The fold is also incredibly compact. And, this is a real first - a parent-facing configuration on a jogging stroller (use from 9 months)! runner1This is one welcome addition to the Bugaboo family!! If you already own a Bugaboo stroller, why go out and purchase a second stroller for jogging? That's where the all-new Bugaboo Jogger comes in. Use this super strong frame and necessary adapter with your existing Bugaboo seat and you're off to the races! Don't own a Bugaboo but love the runner? The Bugaboo Runner Complete is available with its own seat as well. The Bugaboo Runner base retails for $400 and the seat for $390. You can purchase the Bugaboo Runner complete that includes the seat, in either petrol blue or red. runner2 webimage-0B2B8988-FF26-484E-A3DE19A5EEA72CAE webimage-1E230104-3FEE-47FA-BD14605541FAE10B webimage-3552E983-D8D1-4874-9A10C28B04316904 webimage-64831C6E-D24C-48B3-AE0E1A07FAACA0FD webimage-3893CC2D-F8E5-464F-A93771AB2CCE31F2 webimage-353B624D-E60E-4AEE-A265755BFEDEDBCE webimage-B20CDC88-3FBF-431E-A6F66DCF85959D4F unnamed

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