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Buggy Brites by Nadine Iles

Buggy Brites by Nadine Iles

Posted in buggy brites, Category_Welcome to Crafted by a Mom
unnamed (2)While taking my daughter out on a stroll one early evening she was almost hit by a car who didn't see us coming off the curb, thankfully I was paying attention I pulled her back as fast as I could and fell on the floor. That's when I thought I should get a light for my stroller because our kids are first off the curb. I never found anything cute and bright at the same time, so I set out to create a quality product where a child can have fun during the day, learn colors, textures and most importantly been seen and be safe at night or on a rainy snowy day. Introducing Buggy Brites, a safe way to walk or bike at night. Our clip on stroller/bike light offers the user a simple, fun, and convenient way to improve their safety and the safety of their children. With bright colors and three light up options - scrolling, flashing, and solid, we ofer the users mlutiple modes for increased visibility. Our rainbow colored caterpillar design is fun and entertaining for all ages. Try it and see! Nadine Iles buggybrites_stroller BuggyBrites Bed

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