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Chicco KidFit Booster Line In-Depth Review: Kidfit, Kidfit Zip Plus, and Kidfit Zip Air Plus Review

Chicco KidFit Booster Line In-Depth Review: Kidfit, Kidfit Zip Plus, and Kidfit Zip Air Plus Review

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The Chicco Kidfit Booster line consists of the Kidfit model, Kidfit Zip Plus, and Kidfit Zip Air plus models. They all have the same basic features but the Zip Plus and Zip Air Plus offer parents a few extras that the Kidfit baseline model does not have. By giving parents options to choose which model they prefer they are giving more control for parents to choose the one that is best for their lifestyle.


All the Kidfit boosters have dimensions of 16.5 D x 18 W x 26.50 H and weigh 13 lbs. They all have a weight capacity of 40lbs to 100lbs.

SuperCinch Tightener


Installing the Kidfit, Kidfit Zip Plus, and Kidfit Zip Air plus is relatively simple and similar. All the models in this line have premium LATCH connectors and a SuperCinch® one-pull tightener to stabilize the seat for easy in/out and keep it secured when unoccupied. The Kidfit Plus and the Kidfit AirPlus have an upgraded feature, the quick-release LATCH which provides easy one-hand removal from the vehicle LATCH system for convenient transfer between seats and vehicles.


All the models on the Kidfit line have DuoGuard. DuoGuard® provides two layers of side-impact protection with a deep rigid shell and EPS energy-absorbing foam throughout all 10 height positions on side wings.


2-Position Backrest

As far as comfort goes they all have ErgoBoost® Plus seat with triple-foam padding to keep your child comfortable in ALL the models. They all have a 2 position backrest and the option to remove the backrest for the comfort of older children. To add even more convenience all these models come with two dishwasher-safe CupFolders which fold out of the way when empty.
All fabrics, including armrest covers, are removable and machine-washable so it is beyond easy to keep clean!

Unique to the Kidfit Zip Plus and/or Zip Air plus

Both the Kidfit Zip Plus and Zip Air plus have a bonus kid console for older kids to store anything they might need to take along. They both have zip-off backrest/seat cushions for extra padding, extended durability, and easy cleaning. The extra padding easily removes for cleaning while still maintaining use of the standard fabrics underneath. The Zip Air Plus model uniquely has 3D AirMesh fabric for breathability. The 3D AirMesh channels throughout the backrest and seat for increased air circulation for your little one to keep them comfortable! This model also has a uniquely zip-on cushioned leg rest for extended comfort.


The Kidfit model retails starting at $99.99 while the Kidfit Zip Plus retails for $129.99, and the Kidfit Zip Air plus model for $149.99.

Compare the entire line!

Kidfit Kidfit Zip Plus Kidfit Zip Air Plus
Dimensions 16.5 D x 18 W x 26.50 H 16.5 D x 18 W x 26.50 H 16.5 D x 18 W x 26.50 H
High Back Weight Range 40lbs-100lbs 40lbs-100lbs 40lbs-100lbs
Backless Weight Range 40lbs - 110lbs 40lbs - 110lbs 40lbs - 110lbs
2 in 1 backless booster Yes Yes Yes
Ergoboost: Ultra Comfort Seat design Yes Yes Yes
Height Positions 10 10 10
Built-in Carry Handles Yes Yes Yes
Space Saving Cup Holders Yes Yes Yes
Latch System SuperCinch QuickRelease LATCH QuickRelease LATCH
Zip & Wash 2nd Layer x Yes Yes
Zip-Off Leg Rest No No Yes
Price $99.99 $129.99 $149.99

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