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Why I chose the Bugaboo Buffalo 2017 Stroller - Personal Review from Nicki!

Why I chose the Bugaboo Buffalo 2017 Stroller - Personal Review from Nicki!

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20170725_182548Hi! It’s Nicki from PishPosh Baby. I am so excited to talk about my Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller! I was working with Baby Gear for 3 years before I had my first baby and have been dreaming of the perfect stroller ever since I started. There are so many options out there and after 9 long months of deliberating, all our specifications pointed to the Bugaboo Buffalo. I am absolutely in love with the stroller and so is my new baby girl!

The number one reason I chose the Buffalo was for the large all-terrain wheels. On a typical Sunday afternoon, we always head out to an outdoor destination, whether it is to a gravel trail, the beach, to a park, you name it…. The Buffalo moves freely over everything and I know my baby is in for a smooth ride. The 2-wheel position has been really useful when we go go to a sandy area. 20170725_182246When I was thinking about strollers, I knew a smooth wheel is a fantastic feature, however I didn’t realize how important it was. Once you have that baby sleeping peacefully, the last thing you want is for the stroller to go over a bump and the baby to wake up again. Once baby is sleeping in the Bugaboo Buffalo, you know that you can enjoy a peaceful rest of the walk as it absorbs all shocks and gives that baby a super smooth ride.

Also, equally important to me was the large under seat basket. It is easily accessible and has room for everything that you want to bring along- up to 35lbs! Think that oversized diaper bag and all baby’s paraphernalia, shopping bags, groceries, the works. You never need to leave anything behind as there is plenty of space.

20170725_181454The adjustable handlebar extends for taller parents. Both my husband and I are about the same height, so we don’t find ourselves adjusting it too often. However, grandpa is over 6 feet tall and loves to take baby on walks as well. With the easily adjustable handlebar, grandpa figured it out on his own how to make it comfortable for himself (and that’s saying something!). Grandpa has tried many strollers, and says he never experienced such a well-off drive. He is amazed how innovative the Bugaboo is! The handlebar extends high and his long legs were not hitting the back of the stroller.

20170725_183559The compact one-piece, self-standing fold is fabulous! No pulling apart your stroller in the busy parking lot, this easy 2 step fold has your stroller in your trunk in no time. It as well comes apart really compact for easy storage.

Next, are the many seat options as your baby grows, because newborns don’t stay tiny for long at all.

20170725_182758The bassinet can be used from birth until the baby sit on its own. The breathable mattress keeps the her cool even in the heat of the summer with a machine washable mattress cover. It is super comfortable and approved for overnight use with the Bugaboo stand. My little girl won’t sleep in anything other than her bassinet, and it is easy to take it with us wherever we go.

You also have the option to use it as your travel system using an adapter to connect your car seat.

The toddler seat can hold up to 50lbs, can be used both forward and rear-facing, and has 3 reclining positions. Between all these options, you won’t need another stroller as your child gets older, since the Bugaboo is made to grow with your child. The extendable canopy can either be opened all of the way to block out the sun, or only extend it partly to let baby look around. It is easy to open and sturdy. You can also shift just one side back for a quick look at baby.

As with all Bugaboo strollers, the quality is superb and you can machine-wash the fabrics. Bugaboo strollers stand out with this as you don’t have the option to machine wash many stroller seats. I find this such an important feature as babies don’t always consult with you before their diaper leaks or they spill over their drink… leatherOf course, the fashion statement you make “driving” your Buffalo! Everyone stops me and adores the robustness and sleek look. Bugaboo goes above and beyond to make your stroller beautiful. With the new Faux leather handlebar and carry handles, the many color options on the tailored fabric set and sophisticated accessories! 20170725_181717A wonderful accessory that I would highly recommend is the Breezy sun canopy. I received it as a gift and I am totally sold on it! It adds the pop you need for hot summer days and literally gives baby a breeze on the ride. It provides protection from both the sun and the bugs. This innovative sun canopy doesn’t only protect you baby, it also looks cool! There are many parents that find themselves overwhelmed with baby expenses and try to refrain from extras. However, after using this in the hot summer I call it a necessity for anyone living in hot weather. Of all strollers on the market, I am so pleased that I chose the Bugaboo Buffalo. It suits my lifestyle perfectly and I hope to be able to use it for years to come!

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