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How to Decide Between the City Select & Vista

How to Decide Between the City Select & Vista

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The Baby Jogger City Select was our #1 Stroller from 2012, but this year, the Uppababy Vista took the top spot. We've helped hundreds of moms out there decided which of the two strollers is best for them. To sum it up - the City Select is ideal as a double, while the Vista is ideal as a single. Each can be used in either position, but when using in the ideal way - you'll make for a happier mom. The City Select is great if you have two children close in age - especially twins - while the Vista is great for a baby and a toddler who is almost up to walking on his own - or using the Piggyback. We put together a detailed chart highlighting the important differences between the two. Compare the City Select vs Uppababy Vista:
Baby Jogger City Select UPPAbaby Vista
As a Single Stroller
Weighs 28 lbs Weighs 25.5 lbs
Holds 50 lbs Holds 45 lbs
Fine to Push Easier to Push
Comfortable Seat Plush Seat
Simpler to Fold Harder to fold
8"/12" 8"/11"
No Accessories Included Includes Bassinet, Rain Shield, Bug Net, Bassinet Bug Net, Belly Bar ($200+ Value)
The Second Seat
Holds 45 lbs Holds 35 lbs
Reversible Non-Reversible
Identical to Main Seat Less Comfortable than Main Seat
Reclinable Non-Reclinable
Independent Affects underseat basket
As a Double
Weighs 35 lbs Weighs 30 lbs
16 configurations Can hold 2 Seats, 2 Bassinets, 2 Car Seats, & any combo of 2/3 8 Configurations Can hold 2 Seats, Car Seat + Seat, Bassinet + Seat
$499.99/$659.99 $729.99/$828.99
Bottom Line
Ideal as a Double Ideal as a Single
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