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Claessens Kids Diaper-Carrier Bag - Blows Your Mind!

Claessens Kids Diaper-Carrier Bag - Blows Your Mind!

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diaper carrierY'know those times you see a new product and think to yourself ... "how come I never thought of that?!" The Claessens' Kids Diaper Carrier Bag is just that sort of invention! Going out of the car for a short time, going up or down stairs or escalators, running errands, going to pick up older siblings at school, or going for a short walk... it's not always easy for a parent to carry their toddlers while juggling everything else. The Claessens' Kids Diaper-Carrier Bag is a must have for every parent on the go! The side-carry function of this new Diaper-Carrier helps parents hold their little ones in a very practical and easy new way, while also carrying all of life's necessities. The bag can hold up to 33 lbs. Who's in? We'll update you on pricing and release dates as soon we have more information!
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This diaper bag holds all of life’s essential items and also helps parents carry their kids. It can be used to support carrying a child soon as the child can sit up by him/herself. To be used with children up to 33 pounds. An adjustable shoulder strap for parents, and a soft saddle for the child ensures that both child and parents are very comfortable. The multiple interior and exterior pockets are easy to reach even if the child is sitting on the bag. Included with the bag: a changing pad, a key holder, and plastic pocket to hold wet or dirty items. In addition, there is a handy front pocket, and a toy can be attached to the shoulder strap. Carrying a child can be tiring! The Claessen´s Kids Diaper Bag helps parents carry their little one more easily while keeping their backs aligned. Features • 2 in 1 : diaper bag and baby carrying aid • Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort zone for the shoulder • Comfortable saddle area for the baby • Multiple interior and exterior pockets • Changing pad included • Can be used when a child can sit up by him/herself and up to 33 pounds.

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