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Cloth Diaper Challenge: Week 2!

Cloth Diaper Challenge: Week 2!

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Welcome to Week Two of the Cloth Diaper Challenge. Our contenders are still going strong! We definitely have some mixed reviews this week but we are committed to completing the challenge! Let’s check in with our moms.
image2 Mac
A few participants agree that the most difficult part of cloth diapering is at night and on the go. Nichole says about her 8 month old son, Mac, “My thirsty little guy is such a heavy nighttime wetter we are still struggling with leaks through the night at times. We co-sleep so leaks mean that he's soaked, I'm soaked, and our sheets are soaked.”
pic2 A’maali
Danielle is the mother of our youngest participant, A’maali (3 months old.) Danielle says, “It is very time consuming, especially at night when you are tired after a feeding but have to get up and spray out the diaper.” She also admits, “I still haven’t had the guts to leave the house and cloth diaper on the go, simply because I’m not sure how I’d clean out her diaper in a public restroom and how I’d feel carrying around that poop stained diaper.” My son is the oldest (14 months) so his poops are a little easier to deal with. Typically if there is a diaper changing station there is a toilet nearby… we just dump, flush and go! Nichole and Danielle have purchased diaper sprayers and Spray Pals. Both of them say that makes the clean-up process WAY easier. Nichole says, “I managed to attach the diaper sprayer to our toilet on my own and it has been a total savior!” Danielle agrees, “I finally received my diaper sprayer so that is a lot less work on my part. Serious cloth diapering requires a diaper sprayer and eventually also the splatter shield (Spray Pal).” I plan to add these accessories to our stash soon!
IMG_1463 Rem
Sierra shares a common opinion, “In our area (Texas), no one uses cloth diapers and everyone thinks it is not worth it. While in the beginning I was the same way, I am quickly changing my mind! I will not lie and say that cloth diapers are easier than disposable diapers, because they are not. But I am slowly, but surely, getting the hang of it. I am starting to really enjoy the process and am finding out what works best for our family.”
image3.JPG Indy
Chelsea and her daughter, Indy are loving the cloth diapers! She says, “I am so happy to be doing this challenge. I love doing what's best for my child and for the environment. I feel so lucky that you have opened the door into cloth diapering for me and my family.” I agree whole- heartedly with Sierra and Chelsea. My whole family has been so supportive with our transition into cloth diapering. Even my 3 year old daughter loves to help stuff the clean diapers!
IMG_6075 Luke
Modern cloth diapering certainly isn’t what your grandmother thinks it is… the products are so cute and easy to use! If you have any questions just email me at or leave a comment. We’re moms, we get it!

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