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UppaBaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat Review & Comparison

UppaBaby Mesa V2 Infant Car Seat Review & Comparison

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Introducing the UppaBaby Mesa V2 car seat an enhanced version of the popular UPPAbaby Mesa model. While maintaining the reliability and comfort that UPPAbaby is known for, the Mesa V2 boasts several improvements to elevate your child's safety and your overall experience.

What's New:

  1. Extended UV Protection: The Mesa V2 features a larger sun canopy to provide increased protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring your little one stays shielded from the sun.

  2. Improved Weight Range with Infant Insert: Unlike its predecessor, the Mesa V2 comes with an infant insert that accommodates weights ranging from 4 to 11 pounds, offering optimal support for your newborn. (Note: The Mesa 2021 had a weight limit of 4-8 pounds.)

  3. Enhanced Safety Features: The Mesa V2 goes beyond the standard 3-position adjustable feature; its handlebar also serves as an anti-rebound bar, heightening safety in both rebound and rear-impact collisions. Additionally, it incorporates a European belt path for added security during travels.

  4. Flame-Retardant-Free Fabrics: Concerned about flame retardants? Rest easy. All fabrics used in the Mesa V2 are flame-retardant-free, prioritizing the safety of your child.

  5. Distinctive Identification: Spot the Mesa V2 easily with a subtle "V2" tag at the bottom front of the car seat and the word "MESA" imprinted on the front bottom.

Aside from being adjustable between 3 positions like the Mesa, the Mesa V2 handlebar also acts as an anti-rebound bar which increases safety in rebound and rear-impact collisions. It also has a European belt path. 

There's a little tag at the bottom front of the car seat that says V2, and also, the word MESA is imprinted on the front bottom of the car seat. 


Available Styles:

  • Jake (Charcoal)
  • Stella (Grey Melange)
  • Alice (Dusty Pink)

The UppaBaby Mesa V2 car seat will be available for purchase in autumn of 2022.

In the video below, you'll see how the Mesa V2 compares with UPPAbaby's other car seat that came out about the same time as the MESA V2, the UPPAbaby Mesa Max

UPPAbaby Infant Car Seat Comparison: UPPAbaby MESA Vs MESA V2 Vs MESA Max

Check out the chart below, where you'll see all the differences between the UPPAbaby MESA Vs MESA V2 Vs MESA Max



Mesa V2

Mesa Max

Infant Insert Use

4-8 lbs

4-11 lbs

4-11 lbs

Car Seat Weight

9.9 lbs

9.9 lbs

9.9 lbs



20% larger than Mesa

43% larger than Mesa

Side Impact Protection



European Belt Path




Handle Positions




Ventilated headrest & insert



Load Leg No No Yes


$329.99 $399.99-429.99

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