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Compare the Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Strollers - FULL REVIEW!

Compare the Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Strollers - FULL REVIEW!

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Fox vs Fox2With the release of the new Bugaboo Fox2 stroller, so many are wondering how it compares to the original Bugaboo Fox! We'll help you out with that. The first Fox is a classic, the Fox2 is timeless.

Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Specs

The Bugaboo Fox is 32.8" L x 23.65" w x 42.7" h while the Bugaboo Fox2 is a a little bigger at 33-42"L x 24"W x 35-43"H. They both have an extendable handlebar but the Fox2 has a rotating carry handle / bumper bar. both weigh in 21.8 lbs and has the same weight capacity of 48.5.

Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Canopies

Bugaboo has updated their canopies on the Bugaboo Fox2. It's now a canvas-like material with two peek-a-boo windows. The original Fox has a stretch jersey fabric with no peek-a-boo windows.The new changes in the Fox2 make it more durable as well as convenient allowing parents to peek at their child as the lay undisturbed thanks to the peekaboo window.

fox2 fox comparisonBugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Seat

Both the Fox and the Fox2 have the same weight capacity at 48.5 lbs. No worries, the Fox2 like the previous Fox is still reversible and recline-able. The Fox2 can be adjusted and removed with only one hand and it is sporting a higher seat positioning at 23” from the ground brings baby closer to you. A small upgrade on the Bugaboo Fox2 is on the belly bar. It's even simpler to unclick it and swing it out of the way. The five point harness well. Fox vs Fox2

Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Storage

The Fox2 has an easy-access under seat basket carries up to 22 pounds and has storage pockets for extra essentials. Fox Fox2 wheels storage

Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Wheels

The original Bugaboo Fox pushed like a dream, but the Fox2 takes it up a level. They've re-engineered the 8.5"/12" wheels with advanced suspension in both the wheels and central joint of the stroller frame.

Fox Fox2 wheels storageBugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Fold

We'll get more info when we have it, but the new Bugaboo Fox2 is simpler to fold as well as being a compact one hand self standing fold. Bugaboo Fox2 Complete Stroller | StrolleriaBugaboo Fox Review (2018) - NEW Agile & All-Terrain Stroller

Bugaboo Fox vs Bugaboo Fox2 Price & ETA

Both the Bugaboo Fox and the Bugaboo Fox2 start at $1,199 and go up depending on customization. The Bugaboo Fox has been available from 2018. The new Fox2 will be available in Spring 2020.

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