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Compare the new ErgoBaby 360 vs Beco Gemini

Compare the new ErgoBaby 360 vs Beco Gemini

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Beco-Gemini-Baby-CarrierWith the new ErgoBaby 360 making quite a splash, so many of our customers want to know how it compares to the popular Beco Gemini carrier. Both are very very similar, but there are some slight differences to take note of. Both the 360 and the Gemini are 4-in-1 carriers. That means that both can be worn in 4 positions - Front carry (facing in and facing out), back carry, and hip carry. While both are designed to carry babies from 7-35 lbs, the ErgoBaby 360 will require an infant insert to use from birth, while the Gemini does not. That is a big benefit of the Gemini. The Beco Gemini fits parents from waist size 27"-59" and the ErgoBaby fits waist sizes 26"-55". That means that the Gemini can be used on bigger adults as well. Both carriers look pretty much identical as well. The ErgoBaby 360 retailes for $159.99, the Beco Gemini for $130. Babies love looking around and taking in their surroundings and so many prefer to be carried frontwards. Both the ErgoBaby 360 and Beco Gemini have that option and provide a comfortable and safe ride for your little one. Check out our comparison chart on our site Which do you prefer and why?

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