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Compare the Nuna Mixx2 vs Mixx 2019 Strollers!

Compare the Nuna Mixx2 vs Mixx 2019 Strollers!

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Nuna revamped their Nuna Mixx stroller for 2019! There are some really great upgrades for the 2019 model, including an all-weather seat, higher seat back. leather detailing,
Nuna Mixx2 Stroller 2018
Nuna Mixx 2019 Stroller
Nuna Mixx2 Nuna Mixx 2019
Seat Pad x


No-rethread harness x yes
Seat Sides Plastic Fabric-covered
Seat Height 44.3" 45.6"
Suspension Standard Improved CG & ball bearings
Belly Bar Fabric Hand-sewn leatherette
Front wheel size 6.9” 7.5"
Seat Fabric Knit Tweed
Basket Mesh Black Nylon
Summer Seat x yes
Seatback Pocket yes x
Included accessories x Ring adapter
Price $599.95 $649.95
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