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Compare the Bugaboo Runner vs Bob Revolution Jogging Strollers

Compare the Bugaboo Runner vs Bob Revolution Jogging Strollers

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Bugaboo Runner Bugaboo Runner
Until 2015, the standard Jogging strollers from companies like Bob and Baby Jogger were the options for an active parent who wanted to bring their little one along on a morning run. In 2015, Bugaboo introduced their revolutionary Bugaboo Runner Jogging Stroller with unique features never seen before on a jogging stroller. The Bugaboo Runner consists of a jogger frame + a seat. Each are individual pieces, and if you own a Bugaboo stroller, then you can use your existing seat on the Runner frame. If the Runner will be your first Bugaboo stroller, then you can purchase a new seat. What is unique about this combination is that the seat is REVERSIBLE on the Runner! The seat can reverse and recline easily, allowing your child to either face you or the world. This is the first time a reversible seat is available for a real jogging stroller.
Bob Revolution Bob Revolution
On standard jogging strollers, the seat is a part of the entire stroller and cannot be removed or reversed. The Bugaboo Runner also boasts some great features such as a hand brake + foot brake, mud guards so you don't get sprayed while running in the dirt, and amazing underseat basket. HOWEVER - the standard jogging stroller does have some advantages over the Runner. To start, the front wheel on the Runner is fixed. Most active parents prefer to choose a stroller that has a swivel front wheel. The Runner is great for when you are running, but when you aren't, it's not a stroller you'll be able to use in everyday life (think the mall, city, etc). The Runner also can only be folded in two separate parts and the fold isn't as compact as a standard Bob's one piece fold. And last but not least, the weight capacity on the Runner is pretty low at just 37.5 lbs. All other jogging strollers you'll find can hold more weight. And if you want a double jogging stroller, then the Runner is not an option. If you are looking for a dedicated jogging stroller that makes a statement and wheels gorgeously, then we recommend the Bugaboo Runner. If you want a stroller that can take you from the track to the trails to the mall, then take a look at Bob's amazing lineup of jogging strollers that are truly functional for all around the town.

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