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Compare the GB Qbit vs Mountain Buggy Nano

Compare the GB Qbit vs Mountain Buggy Nano

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Mountain Buggy Nano Mountain Buggy Nano
Update: Compare the new Mountain Buggy Nano against the BabyZen YoYo, Recaro EasyLife, GB Qbit 2016 and GB Pockit in this blog post! With another new tiny-fold travel stroller on the market, the GB Qbit, we all want to know how it compares to the popular Mountain Buggy Nano. Being that the Qbit hasn't been released just yet, we haven't had a chance to compare it thoroughly, but this is a basic overview so far. How are they similar? Both strollers are amazing travel strollers that fold up so tiny, they can fit into the overhead compartment on most airplanes. The strollers are car seat compatible as well, with the Maxi Cosi Mico, Cybex Aton and their respective coordinating car seats as well. It's definitely easier to use a car seat with the Qbit over the Nano.
GB Qbit GB Qbit
The Qbit is taller, narrower, and isn't as long as the Mountain Buggy Nano. The Qbit can hold up to 55 lbs vs the Nano's 44 lbs weight capacity, however the Qbit weighs almost 2 lbs more. The canopy on the new Qbit is significantly larger than that of the Nano, offering more coverage for your little one. The backpanel of the Qbit is covered properly, unlike the mesh panel on the Nano. The Qbit has double wheels, the Nano has four single wheels throughout - single wheels are easier to manuever. The Nano's footrest is adjustable, while the Qbit's is not. Both strollers include a great travel bag, and the Nano's is designed to have the wheels stick out so that the bag can be rolled when the stroller is inside. The underseat basket is large on both strollers and the adjustable harnesses are padded, however the Qbit's harness is more comfortable. Both have easy pedal foot brakes and 2 position seat recline, however the Nano's recline is a bit deeper. They both feature built in rear wheel suspension. In terms of the fold - the Nano's fold is slightly smaller, however the fold on the Qbit is significantly easier. Read the full reviews on the new GB Qbit and Mountain Buggy Nano travel strollers on our blog! To sum it up. here are the pro's of each stroller over the other one:
Nano Qbit
  • Better push
  • Smaller fold
  • Deeper recline
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Weighs less
  • More durable frame
  • Larger canopy
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Easier fold
  • Easier compatibility with infant seats
  • More comfortable harness
  • Smaller footprint
  • Taller handlebar
Update: Compare the Mountain Buggy Nano against the BabyZen YoYo, Recaro EasyLife and GB Qbit in this blog post!
Nano vs Qbit Folded Nano vs Qbit Folded
Nano vs Qbit Facing Nano vs Qbit Facing
Nano vs Qbit Folded Side by Side Nano vs Qbit Folded Side by Side

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