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Compare the Uppababy Cruz 2017 vs Uppababy Vista 2017!

Compare the Uppababy Cruz 2017 vs Uppababy Vista 2017!

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Confused about the differences between the Uppababy Cruz 2017 and Uppababy Vista 2017 Strollers? Well, they are both great strollers each with their own fantastic features!! Take a look below at the core differences.
uppababy-cruz-2017-austin-hunter-silver-leather-20 uppababy-vista-2017-austin-hunter-silver-leather-13
Uppababy Cruz 2017 Uppababy Vista 2017
Weight 21.5lb 27.5lb
Bassinet Included x
Width 22" 26.5"
Basket Capacity 25lbs 30lbs
Expandable Options Cruz PiggyBack RumbleSeat Vista PiggyBack
Wheel Size 6.4"/8.5" 8/11.5"
Suspension Front Suspension 4-Wheel Suspension
Recline Positions 6 5
Price $499.99-$549.99 $839.99-$899.99
They are both great strollers that will work for different needs. The seats on both strollers are reversible and fully recline. The under-seat baskets are nice and large. Basically, the Uppababy Cruz Stroller is a lightweight stroller that is good for in and out of the car. It has a smooth drive great for walking in the city. The stroller is compact giving it a small fold. While the Uppababy Vista Stroller has bigger wheels with better suspension, giving you a smoother ride for all-terrain. It can also grow with your family. You can add a second seat as soon as you're ready. However, it is a bigger and heavier than the Cruz. If you are looking for something that is better for travel and is easier to maneuver, go with the Cruz. However, if you are looking for a stroller with better suspension for all-terrain, go with the Vista. See the difference in the fold. 20170419_171200 Shop Uppababy!

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