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Compare the Uppababy Vista 2015 vs the Vista 2017 Strollers!

Compare the Uppababy Vista 2015 vs the Vista 2017 Strollers!

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The New Uppababy Vista 2017 has come out with great upgrades to the already fantastic stroller! Here is a comparison chart so you can see the differences clearly laid out.
uppababy-vista-2015-taylor-36 uppababy-vista-2017-austin-hunter-silver-leather-13
Uppababy Vista 2015/2016 Uppababy Vista 2017
Weight 27.5lb 26.5lb
Wheel Type Airgo PolyUrethane
Width 26.5" 25.5"
Sunshade Material Polyester Woven Fabric
Sunshade Lock x
Leather Handlebars/Bumber Bars (on select models) x uppababy-vista-2017-loic-white-silver-leather-13 uppababy-vista-2017-henry-blue-marl-silver-leather-16uppababy-vista-2017-austin-hunter-silver-leather-13
Price $839.99-$879.99 $839.99-$899.99
So, What's New? There are 4 new colors, Austin (Hunter Green), Henry (Blue Marl), Dennison (Burgundy) & Loic (White). You now have the option of genuine leather handlebars/bumber bars. The Austin, Henry, and Loic come along with the leather handlebars. The sunshade material is now made of woven fabric. It won't wrinkle as much. The wheels are now solid PolyUrethane rather than AirGo rubber making the stroller 1.5lb lighter. 1" narrower at the rear wheels. The sunshade locks to keep it better in place. Upgraded bassinet boot zipper. Shop the Uppababy Vista Stroller 2017!

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