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Compare the Valco Neo Twin vs Snap Duo Trend Double Strollers

Compare the Valco Neo Twin vs Snap Duo Trend Double Strollers

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The new Valco Snap Duo Trend stroller is going to be here soon and we're sure that you are wondering - how does it compare to the already-awesome Valco Neo Twin? Well - we've compared the two side-by-side and this is what we found. The Valco Snap Duo Trend is basically built apon the incredible sucess that the Neo Twin has seen, but sports some serious upgrades over it. The first thing that we'll start with are the specs. The canopies have been redesinged on the Snap Duo Trend to fit perfectly on the stroller and don't add the extra width that you'll find on the Neo Twin stroller. The Snap Duo Trend also weighs a few lbs lighter than the Neo Twin. The new Snap Duo Trend features leatherette handlebar grips that are a beautiful touch to the new stroller. For a more streamlined look, the handlebar does not have that center bar that the Neo Twin has. The canopies are taller on the new Snap Duo Trend stroller as well. The back of both strollers feature handy pockets, however the pockets on the new Snap Duo close with a neat zipper while the Neo Twin's remain open. Aesthetically, the fabrics and tailoring on the Snap Duo Trend are beautiful. Like we mentioned, there is a leatherette handlebar and matching belly bars on the new model. The fabrics are pulled tighter for a nicer look. Now on to the fold! This is a huge difference, so listen up! The Neo Twin folds with two hands now, using triggers on either side of the stroller. The new Snap Duo Trend folds with just one squeeze of the handlebar! This means that you can still hold your child, diaper bag, etc while folding the new stroller! We tried it ourselves and it's really simple. Another huge difference is the option to use for infants! The Neo Twin can accommodate one infant car seat. The new Snap Duo Trend can accommodate TWO bassinets (they are GORGEOUS!) and for now one infant car seat. They are working on producing the second car seat adapter that will be situated higher up on the stroller so that you can use the stroller with two car seats at a time. The wheels on the Neo Twin are air-filled, while the Snap Duo Trend features EVA wheels. Both push well, but many parents have a personal preference of one kind vs the other. Because the wheels on the Snap Duo Twin are large, they still push well over all kinds of terrain. Because of the updates, the Snap Duo Trend is going to retail for $699, vs the Neo Twin at $599. We love both strollers and are excited to see a beautiful new addition to the double stroller lineup!
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Valco Neo Twin Valco Snap Duo Trend
Weight 26 lbs

24 lbs

Width 29.5" 28.5"
Fold 2 hand 1 hand
Wheels Air-filled EVA
Handlebar Foam Leatherette (Bumper Bars too)
Bassinet Option x Yes!
Price $499/$599 $699
IMG-0094 IMG-0099
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