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Cybex Beezy 2 Lightweight Stroller: Full Review!

Cybex Beezy 2 Lightweight Stroller: Full Review!

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Newsflash: The Cybex Beezy 2 stroller has arrived at PishPosh Baby! If you loved the Cybex Beezy, you’ll love this updated edition! Like the original Cybex Beezy, this is a lightweight stroller with a great push and an easy one-step compact fold. The seat is comfortable and the stroller is very sturdy. Weighing in at 18.1 lbs, the Cybex Beezy 2 stroller is lightweight enough to get in and out of the car when taking care of errands around town, but still dependably sturdy. Comfortable as ever with a leg rest and recline, this stroller will take your baby places. 

What’s different about the Cybex Beezy 2? 

There are several differences between the Cybex Beezy and the Cybex Beezy 2. If you’re interested in knowing more about the changes, read on for some details!

Cybex Beezy Vs Cybex Beezy 2 Shoulder Pads & Straps

The first difference we noticed about the Cybex Beezy 2 is that it has differently patterned shoulder pads and shoulder straps. All shoulder straps on the original Beezy were black, and shoulder pads matched the color of the stroller. Now, most of the Cybex Beezy 2 strollers have a contrast trim on the hood, and the shoulder pads match the contrast trim. 

The gray and black don’t have a contrast block at the edge of the hood, and therefore have the same color shoulder pads as the stroller itself. The straps on the Cybex Beezy 2 have a stylish color block pattern you’ve never seen before on these strollers.

Cybex Beezy Vs Cybex Beezy 2 Colors

There are four color options for the Cybex Beezy 2: Beach Blue, Ocean Blue, Lava Gray, & Moon Black. The Beezy currently has 6 options to choose from: Classic Beige, Deep Black, Magnolia Pink, Navy Blue, River Blue, & Soho Gray.     

Cybex Beezy Vs Cybex Beezy 2 Handlebar

The Cybex Beezy handlebar is made of a leatherette material. The handle material on the Cybex Beezy 2 is not vegan leather; it’s constructed from foam for a more streamlined look. 

Cybex Beezy Vs Cybex Beezy 2 Canopy

The Beezy canopy features the same construction as the Beezy 2, but the design has been updated. The canopy now features a narrow contrasting color block on all shades except Lava Gray and Moon Black. All colors have a thin vertical line of contrast color going down the middle. 

Cybex Beezy Vs Cybex Beezy 2 Accessories - Sold Separately

There’s a new accessory for the Cybex Beezy 2, the summer seat liner! Aside from that, you can also purchase the accessories that come with the Cybex Beezy: the seat adapters, rain cover, travel bag, parasol, cup holder.  


The Cybex Beezy 2 is priced at $399.95. The Cybex Beezy was also priced at $399.95, and now that it has been discontinued, it’s been discounted to $319.96. 

A part of the Cybex Gold collection, the Cybex Beezy 2 is sturdy, has an excellent push and an easy fold! And don't forget - when you purchase it at PishPosh Baby, you'll earn over $100 worth of points to be used on your next purchase! See our points program for details. Shop now!

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