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Designing the Bugaboo Runner: An Inside Look at the Team

Designing the Bugaboo Runner: An Inside Look at the Team

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bugaboo_dsc3228kleinBugaboo proudly presented its latest invention, the Bugaboo Runner, just a month ago. This adaptable stroller chassis fits most existing Bugaboo stroller seats and accessories, and allows parents to go running with their child. Although simple and sleek in appearance, the Bugaboo Runner hides many different functions and complex technical features. "The one part missing from our stroller portfolio was an everyday jogger", says Jeroen van Tongeren, senior product developer at Bugaboo and the one responsible for the specific development of the Bugaboo Runner. "It’s taken us around three years from concept to product. Our wish was to create an adjustable and high performing stroller chassis where all our existing stroller seats and different accessories would fit on to. That was one of the biggest challenges." With the introduction of the Bugaboo Runner, Bugaboo wants to connect to the enormous popularity of running among young parents while at the same time elevating it to new heights. Van Tongeren: “This product allows parents to fill up the need to exercise and workout while spending quality time with their children and discovering the world together. It’s a strong concept I really believe in, a rich experience for both parents and children." teamfotokleinIf not quite reinventing the wheel, Van Tongeren says his team has “taken the wheel and made it better” in a dedicated jogger that’s meant specifically for hitting the road (or path or hillside) running. “It’s the first time that we created a three-wheel extension. People jog with the Bugaboo Cameleon³ and our other four-wheel strollers, but it’s not recommended, partly due to the small swivel wheels in the front. Having one wheel at the front enables you to navigate easily while running fast. In order to provide a smooth ride, we equipped the Bugaboo Runner with air filled tires, instead of the current foam-filled tires we optimized the shock-absorbing suspension.” The design of the Bugaboo Runner may look simple but, in fact, like all Bugaboo strollers, it hides many different functions and complex technological features. Some of the latest developments include a speed brake designed from scratch—one that runs across the length of the handlebar to ensure that the user is “always one grip away from good braking performance without having to search for the brake”– and the use of rubber blocks for the brake to create the ultimate smooth ride without sacrificing style. “There are no rivets on the side of the handlebar", explains Van Tongeren. “Although strong and sturdy it looks sleek, elegant and clean." But what he is especially proud of is the Bugaboo Runner’s seat position. “This is the only dedicated jogger on the market in which your child can face you. At one year old, kids aren’t really worried about facing the world, they prefer to look at their parents, so it’s nice to have this option to have your child facing you." It even might help you going through those almost unbearable moments of physical exhaustion during your run, when looking and laughing at your child. Who knows? Convinced? Order your Bugaboo Runner today!

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