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Diaper Bags

Diaper Bags

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Diaper bags. A BIG topic. The bigger the better!Diaper Bags at It's not hard to imagine the evolution of the diaper bag. It probably started off with some sort of rucksack slung over the shoulder. Today, while you can still wear many diaper bags over your shoulder, you are by no means limited to that retro look. As long as it still fits in the underseat basket of the stroller or is not too bulky to be worn as a backpack, pocketbook, or messenger bag, you're good to go. Now comes the debatable part. Do you get a Marry Poppins carpet bag or a Katniss Everdeen backpack? Do you like everything together in one big pocket or do you like each item in its own place tucked away nicely? Do you want a bag that has bottle holders? Or perhaps a changing pad? What about a cell phone pocket? Or even better, now you can those that have laptop pockets! Talk about all-in-one baby bags. Personally, I don't really like everything in one big pocket, but neither do I like have too many. I can't find my stuff if they are all cluttered together in one big jumble, but I still need it to be few enough that I won't forget which pocket I put each item in. Between the range of 1-15 pockets, I'd probably go with about 8 pockets: 1 for diapers and wipes, 1 for pacifiers and the like, 2 for bottles/sippy cups, 2 for snacks, 1 for a change of clothes and a blanket, and 1 for a catch-all. I like when diaper bags are easy-to-clean. For my own pocketbook I'm happy to get one that isn't so washable friendly, but the ones for my kids... Those I want to be able to clean easily. So I like style and fashion, but I'm also very practical. Taking that into consideration we are somewhat selective on which diaper bags we carry. We actually just added 2 new companies. Check out OiOi's and Timi & Leslie's lines. There are some really chic options! Most of all, though, tell me: What's the most important factor for you when choosing a diaper bag? What does the ideal diaper bag look like for you? Sarah

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