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Welcome DockATot Docks to PishPoshBaby!

Welcome DockATot Docks to PishPoshBaby!

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The craze over the new DockATot Mats are beginning - we're been getting so many requests to carry the line, and so we're really excited to announce that PishPoshBaby has become a proud DockATot seller! What is a DockATot? A DockATOT is a breathable and really comfortable mat with a built-in bumper. It's designed in a beautifully simple way without the distraction of bells and whistles. Available in two sizes - for newborns (0-8 months) and toddlers (9-36 months) I know what you're thinking when you look at the photo's "THIS? for real? this is what so many people are raving about?!" You need to try it yourself to believe it. Parents who own a DockATot are swearing by it and can't stop recommending it. They have quite a fanbase, including celebrities Scott Foley, Haylie Duff, and the Kardashian sisters. What are some uses for the DockATot? You cannot imagine how many babies have begun sleeping through the night in a DockATot. It's so soft and cozy, giving them a sense of security. Aside from just chilling and resting in it, think tummy time! DockATot is the ideal spot to let your little one get their tummy time in. The rounded bumper helps to prop up your baby when placed under their arms. Tummy time helps babies develop neck strength and helps teach them how to develop their motor skills. Whether you're a jet-setting family or you just want to move the docking pod from room to room, DockATot is lightweight and simple to travel with. It sure beats letting baby rest on questionable hotel bedding. The DockATot Grand (larger size) helps ease the transition from crib to toddler or big kid bed. The built-in, air-permeable bumpers act as bed rails, and give little ones a snug sense of security in their newer, bigger beds. Positional plagiocephaly (aka Flathead Syndrome) is a result of a baby lying on one side of the head more than the other. The mattress on each DockATot is a soft thermobonded fiber wadding plate with a great bearing capacity to relieve pressure on the head. DockATot can help prevent the infants from waking up when they have the startle reflex due to the unique shape, positioning of the sides and the cushioning effect of the dock. Additional covers are available in a range of soft and bold colors so you can switch it up when you feel like it.

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