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Doona Car Seat Stroller- In Stock, Full Review!

Doona Car Seat Stroller- In Stock, Full Review!

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The Doona Car Seat Stroller has arrived in the USA - and PishPoshBaby is an exclusive retailer! Be sure to get yours soon!

Order Now! The Doona car seat is a complete game changer in the world of car seat travel systems. The revolutionary car seat has integrated wheels so that it can easily flip from car seat to rocker to stroller system! The Doona car seat is practical for any parent. It includes a base with Load Leg technology for added safety and protection. The Doona has passed all safety testings as both a car seat and stroller. There is a huge canopy as well - yay! The Doona car seat weighs just 16.5 lbs which is super light for a travel system, and saves space in your trunk. The stroller's small wheels are really smooth, but you'll need to stick to flat surfaces. The Doona is designed for in/out of the car convenience, errands, and mall trips. The wheels measure 5.11" in the front and 6.7" in the back, which makes for great maneuverability. Q: Can I leave my child in the Doona while switching from car seat to stroller and back? A: Absolutely! Notice how the car seat remains straight while folding and unfolding in the graphic below. 10424243_795748373779508_6463000699036398390_n Q: What are some accessories available for the Doona? A: Currently, Doona offers a rain cover, insect net, sun shade extension, 360 sun protection cover for total protection, essentials bag, all-day bag (larger bag) that you can hang of the back of the car seat using quick-release Doona™ connectors, snap on storage, travel bag, padded travel bag for added protection, seat protector for your car, and wheel covers as separate accessories to make your life easier. The Doona is a great concept and is simple to use. doona sideFinally an all in one car seat travel system! No more need for worrying if you have your snap n go in the car or which wheels work best with your car seat - enter the Doona! We’ll start with the interior of the car seat: The soft fabric surrounds your baby starting from the infant insert up until they grow out of the seat. The comfort crotch cover is sewn onto the seat fabric keeping it in place and no worrying about losing the piece. The harness is easily adjustable by the push of the button or pull of the rope to adjust to your child’s size. You do have to thread the harness to adjust the shoulder height, but they have made it easy and clear to how to go about doing that. One great feature is on the go, there is no need for the base. There is a European style belt installation that wraps around the car seat for security and protection. unnamedNow let’s get to the biggest feature of the Doona, the wheels! The wheels easily release and collapse with the use of the lever. The push is smooth and easily maneuverable great for running your quick errands or for strolls in the park. There are two easy color coded brake/release pedals on the back wheels so you never have to play the guessing game of if the wheels are locked or not. Due to the great feature of the wheels, the Doona is wider than your standard car seat, it most probably will not fit in a standard shopping cart with room for your groceries as well. Comparing the weight of the Doona to other car seats it is a lot heavier, but if you use the wheels to your advantage, you will not be carrying it very far. unnamed (2)Now two features I find it lacks is a canopy size and there’s no storage basket, but I must say that Doona covered themselves well as you can purchase a canopy extender and an All Day Bag separately to make up for those two things. The last thing to talk about is the handle height. Now for the tall parents this might not be the best option for you because the highest the handlebar goes is 38” from the ground, however, it does work for parents of average height or even older siblings can push the car seat around as well. Get the Doona >
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