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Double Strollers Vs Stroller Wagons

Double Strollers Vs Stroller Wagons

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Double stroller or stroller wagon? That’s the question. And it’s a question that swirls through the head of nearly every mom who has one little one and is expecting another. 

Stroller Wagons

Kids usually enjoy being in a stroller wagon more than being in a stroller. It’s just more fun. However, I don’t know anyone who would take a wagon grocery shopping or up the stairs, and they’re kind of impossible for anyone dealing with public transit. The stroller wagon is excellent for outdoor adventures and family trips. They are also great if you need more than a double stroller - there are stroller wagons that can hold up to 4 children at a time. However stroller wagons are not usually the best option for a baby under a year old, though you can use a baby carrier if you’d like, and it is possible to sometimes put a car seat in the wagon with adapters. A child can sit directly in the stroller wagon until they are 5 years old. 

Double Strollers

Double strollers are usually easier to maneuver, because they generally have a smaller footprint. They are also often more comfortable, and much more conducive to naptime since the seats provide a more stable hold and therefore less bouncing around. Some stroller wagons do have reclining seats, which is great, but at the end of the day a double stroller wins out if naps are where it's at. And if you’ve got newborn twins, then a side-by-side stroller is usually the better option.   

If your baby is under a year old, if you plan on using the stroller for in-city errands and other suburban stuff, you can get a double stroller for now, and when baby is big enough, you can invest in a stroller wagon for those family adventures. 

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