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Duux Air Humidifier Mushroom Review

Duux Air Humidifier Mushroom Review

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The Duux Air Humidifier Mushroom is practical and easy to use. It's one of the more practical humidifiers that actually get children excited. It's got a bright color and fun design to attract the child. Additionally, it's got a built-in night light to help the child feel more secure. It's eco friendly and uses up to 80% less power than other humidifiers. It has a rotary switch that makes using it easy. It even has the added feature of being able to combine the humidity with aromatherapy. It's fun, practical, and affordable.
Features-Bright color -Creates cool mist within 1 second -Easy rotary switch -Built-in nightlight -Can safely add aromatherapy -Uses 80% less energy than other humidifiers -Price: $79.95

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