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Duux Bluetooth Baby Projector with Lullabies and Night light

Duux Bluetooth Baby Projector with Lullabies and Night light

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duux_pic2_0Duux has revolutionized the Humidifier and Projector market - and they won't disappoint us this ABC Show! The new Duux Bluetooth® Baby Projector with Lullabies and Night light Turn your child’s room into a sky full of stars and play their favorite music or voice recorded messages over Bluetooth® with your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac: everything is possible with the all new Duux baby projector! The Dutch designed device features multi-color animated projections, a separate night light and 4 pre-programmed lullabies that can be controlled with sleek capacitive touch keys. It has a built-in microphone that works as a sound activator; once your child suddenly starts crying at night, the projector will automatically activate and start projecting . The auto shut down timer makes sure the projector won't stay on all night to reduce power consumption. We'll keep you updated on pricing and release dates as soon as we know more!

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