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Father’s Day Craft For Babies

Father’s Day Craft For Babies

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Dad’s first Father’s Day is a big deal for your baby’s number one guy. This Sunday 18 June, celebrate your favorite family man with breakfast in bed, followed by a day of dad-friendly activities. 

For the icing on the cake, nothing is more likely to melt his heart than his first Father's Day gift from baby (with a little crafting help from you!). 

From decorated mugs for his morning coffee to hand-painted treasures he’ll keep forever, these Father's Day crafts for babies are super-fun, super-cute and perfect for your baby’s super-dad.

 father holds baby who is smiling at the camera


For the ‘coolest’ dad on the block

Craft dad a special drink koozie to keep his favorite summer tipple chilled. You’ll need some craft foam that’s just shorter in length than a can or bottle. Wrap the foam around your bottle or can, and cut the length so it just overlaps itself. 

Next, let your baby go wild with fabric markers on the foam, creating their own art for dad. Finish off his drinks cooler by attaching a piece of Velcro on the back to keep it closed. Bottoms up!


For the dad who likes things tidy

Make daddy a little clay dish to store all his bits and pieces. Help your baby create a pinch pot from air-dry clay. Once their masterpiece is dry, get out the brushes and the acrylic paint and encourage them to express themselves! Dad will love this little keepsake to keep coins and small accessories.


For the dad who loves golf

All you need for this one are some long golf tees, an array of craft paints in dad’s favorite colors and a couple of paper plates. You’ll finish up with some super-cool, paint-dipped golf tees to make him the envy of the club!

First, you may need to dilute the paint until it’s a nice, smooth consistency (a couple of drops of water should do the job). Next, splodge the paint onto a paper plate and dip the pointy end of the tees in. Tap off the excess paint. Allow to dry upside down on another paper plate (out of reach of your baby!). Pop them in a gift bag for a first Father's Day gift from baby that’s guaranteed to be a hole in one.


For the dad who rocks 

Simple, fun and inexpensive, rock art is an ideal baby-friendly craft activity. Next time you’re out with your little one on a nature walk, encourage them to collect some smooth, flat rocks for daddy. 

Back at home, ensure your rocks are clean and dry, then get creative! Acrylic paints or paint markers work best here. Ask your baby to paint daddy or the things dad loves. Or, encourage them to finger paint, making patterns, swirls and whatever they feel like doing. This is one of the best Father's Day crafts for babies to show their dad that he rocks.


For the coffee-drinking dad

Whatever dad likes to drink in the morning, he’s sure to want to start his day with this special mug. You’ll need your baby’s fingertips, a plain white mug, enamel paints (or use acrylic paints with an acrylic seal) and a fine paintbrush or toothpick.   

You’re going to make two figures: a large one (dad) and a small one (baby). Pick a color and dip in your baby’s thumb to print ‘dad’. Next to ‘dad’, use your baby’s pointer finger to make ‘baby’ in another color.

Using the brush (or toothpick), draw on hair, legs and arms. Connect the figures’ arms so it looks like they're holding hands. Write ‘Daddy’ above the figures and ‘and me’ below the pair.

Finally, bake your mug in the oven as per the enamel paint instructions. Include the mug on his Father’s Day breakfast tray to make it even more special.


For the dad who wears a tie to work

Lots of dads wear ties to the office, so a new one is always welcome! You’ll need a paper plate, paints, pens, pom-poms, glitter, glue, scissors, a hole punch and some string.

Draw the outline of a tie on the paper plate. Let baby go wild decorating the tie – the more colorful and glitzy, the better. Once dry, cut out the tie and punch two holes on either side of the top. Thread through the string so dad can wear his tie like a necklace. Your baby will be thrilled to see dad wearing their beautifully crafted accessory!


For hands down the best dad ever

This framed piece of art will certainly check the heartwarming box. You’ll need an inexpensive A4 photo frame, a piece of A4 card, paints and a pen. Using the paint, print your baby’s hands in the middle of the card. They’ll love this part! 

Write ‘Best Dad…’ along the top and ‘… hands down!’ along the bottom. Allow to dry and frame. Voila – a snapshot in time he’ll treasure for life. Once your baby’s older, it’ll always remind him just how cute and tiny they were.


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