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Featured Brand: Boon Inc - 10 Years

Featured Brand: Boon Inc - 10 Years

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Boon at Boon

Boon Inc is known for their fun, creative, quality, affordable, and, most of all, practical products.

When was Boon founded? Boon is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. It was started back in 2004. Who started Boon? A bit over ten years ago Rebecca Finell set out to revolutionize the baby product industry. She found an eager partner in Ryan Fernandez. What was Boon's first product? Rebecca and Ryan started off with their classic FROG POD, an innovative bath toy used to hold other bath toys. It's fun and friendly, keeps the bathroom organized, and incredibly practical. What is Boon's goal? In short? To create new, innovative and practical baby related products that are fun, easy to use, made of excellent quality, and last, but certainly not least, affordable. Want a bit more detail? Boon has branched out to with products in different baby product categories that all uphold their standards. They have a complete feeding line that includes a high chair, food containers, feeding utensils, and accessories. They have a bath-time line. In addition to the original FROG POD, that line has a BUG POD and WHALE POD, the NAKED collapsible bathtub, the FLO faucet cover, and plenty of toys, down to the colorful rubber duckies! Along in the bathroom you can now get their potty bench when your child is ready to start learning how to "go" like mommy/daddy. And let's not forget the nursery. They have the Fresh Changing Station, the Loop Diaper Caddy, and even the GLO Nightlight (really cool!). Where is Boon headed? In 2008 Rebecca and Ryan founded Keen Distribution, the American distributor and marketer for European Bumbo International, the Gro Company (the creators of the Mommy Hook). Boon and Keen became so successful that they have more than doubled their sales since 2009. They became popular and sought after. In 2011 Boon and Keen were acquired by TOMY International. TOMY offers a wide range baby related products, with the distinction of quality and practicality combined with style and fun. Other brands under the TOMY umbrella include JJ Cole, The First Years, Poke Mon, John Deere, and Lamaze, among others. With such an interesting journey Boon is bound to keep on "going places". We'll keep an eye out for you for their latest products and keep track of what is coming when. In the meantime? Enjoy their creativity, innovation, and practicality! Sarah
Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair Boon Feeding
Boon Odd Ducks 4Pk Boon Bath Time
Boon GLO Nightlight with Portable Balls Boon GLO Nightlight with Portable Balls
Boon Potty Bench Boon Potty Bench
Boon Fresh Changing Station Boon Fresh Changing Station
Boon LOOP Diaper Caddy Boon LOOP Diaper Caddy
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