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Featured Brand: ciao baby

Featured Brand: ciao baby

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Ciao Baby at PishPoshBaby.comCiao Baby was created with practicality in mind for families on-the-go. Both Kim and Jamye are women who know what it's like to try to feed toddlers out of the house. They have active families and have tried it many times on their own. Picture this: a regular mom that wants to get as much nutrition in their little one's system so that they can grow healthy and strong. The tot, being regular and normal, has no interest in sitting and eating when there is so much around them to explore. And so their off to the races and leave an exasperated mom or dad trailing behind. Now picture this: it's feeding time, and regardless of where you are, you just pull out a high chair and strap the mischievous bundle of energy into it. You still point out all the interesting things going on around them so that he doesn't feel "bored" (think: look at that birdie or see that pretty picture). All the while you have him in one place and are able to get him to eat a nutritious balanced meal. Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair Obviously, we'd all prefer the latter scenario. But, you say, how practical is it to drag along your high chair with you everywhere you go. That was the precise question that Kim and Jamye had. They put their heads together, and what did they come up with? A portable high chair! How cool is that? After founding the Jamberly Group, it took five years and a lot of hard work, and then they had their masterpiece! The Ciao! Baby portable high chair. You know those collapsible beach chairs? The ones that close up and go in a carry bag? This high chair is created on the same technology. It's collapsible and takes up very little room. This allows you to store it even in a small trunk. There is a lock to keep it closed and takes only seconds to fold and unfold. It's the perfect choice for a day in the park, traveling, tailgating, and visiting friends and family. Ciao! Baby Go-Anywhere BagAnother product that the Jamberly Group created is the Ciao! Baby Go-Anywhere Bag. This diaper bag, while designed with dads and grandpas in mind, will have moms thrilled with it too. It's neutral enough that both mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa can all use it. It's a whole lot easier to not have to keep 2 diaper bags constantly stocked. It also has the advantage of being able to be use in different styles. Do you like the traditional over-the-shoulder look? Or maybe you want the trendy messenger bag look? Perhaps it is the practical backpack that you are looking for. Whichever one it is, this diaper bag can do it. It's got one spacious pocket to store all the basics, 4 outside pockets, a changing mat, and a bottle thermal included. The dimensions are 13″ x 6″ x 15″. And, it's in neutral colors so it can match almost any baby product, including the Portable High Chair. Jamberly Group is committed to creating ciao! baby products that are adventagous to families on-the-move.

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