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Featured Brand: CYBEX. for all tomorrow's people

Featured Brand: CYBEX. for all tomorrow's people

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CYBEX's Beginnings

CYBEX was founded in 2005 by Martin Pos and Matthias Steinacker. While Martin is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of CYBEX it is also important to know that he is a father of two. His children has played a big part in the quest on making the best baby products out there by helping him understand a parent's need and by being the testers for his early products. Martin was born in Czech Republic, raised in Austria, later moved to Germany. Martin already had experience in the baby gear industry. He was the CEO of the Concord car seats for a number of years and was the distributor of Maclaren strollers in Germany before really considering to pursue his dream of creating his own company. He built his company to create baby gear products that are safe and super-functional while retaining a strong sense of fashion. His vision is to have CYBEX be a global manufacturer of baby gear that combine safety, comfort, practicality, and style. Their popular car seats have them well on their way toward that goal. They have won over 200 They have won over 200 safety and design awards such as the coveted ADAC and Red Dot Design Award.

CYBEX's Vision

CYBEX Accepting the 2012 JPMA Award Pos and Bengt Lager Accepting the JPMA Award

CYBEX's mantra is to: "develop safe, innovative and lifestyle-led infant and children’s products for parents. Our vision is to achieve the seemingly impossible. This finds expression in the CYBEX S.D.F Innovation Principle, which aims to combine superior safety and quality with distractive design and ingenious functionality." Following this principle, CYBEX was an instant success and began to grow at a rapid pace. Within the past 8 years they have grown to over 200 employees in just their German, Austrian, and Czech locations (Bayreuth, Berlin, Vienna, and Prague) and export to more than 75 countries. Within 4 years of the start-up they were selling not only beyond the borders of Germany, but beyond Europe too. In 2009 they brought their lines to the USA. From the very start Regal Lager, headed by Bengt Lager, very proudly took on the distribution for the States. They launched the brand at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. Within a few months they introduced the brand on the West Coast in Shutters in Santa Monica, on the west coast, too. But even though we are 6 time zones away and have an ocean between us and the CYBEX headquarters, Martin Pos is very passionate about maintaining CYBEX's images as a symbol of status and class in the states too. The depth of that passion was portrayed back in Fall 2009. Regal Lager was in in Las Vegas preparing for one of the ABC baby gear trade show. When Martin walked in and saw the image he envisioned live before his eyes, he got overwhelmed with emotion and hugged all the staff on hand, which they understood to be his gratitude for seeing of his vision his own brand introduced on such an important market. He was so grateful that the USA was getting the product he had devoted his time and energy to. He has come in for all major baby gear shows in the USA since then. In 2012 CYBEX won the JPMA Innovation Award winner for the Aton 2, and last year the Aton Q Infant Car Seat won the same prestigious award. The Aton Q will be available in the USA this spring.


How CYBEX Does It

CYBEX prides themselves for incorporating international design trends from Paris, Milan, the fashion centers of the world, among other countries. They are creative in every stage of creating their products. As Elisabeth Bergoo of Regal Lager put it, "They are fun to work with. They have great visions but they are also are detail oriented and that makes their products better and better. They are constantly looking for improvements and inspiration for colors and fabrics outside of the industry." This includes collaborating with celebrity designers including Jeremy Scott, Lala Berlin, and others.


Celebrities that chose CYBEX products are (but not limited to, by any means):

-Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman for new baby Eric -Super model Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady the football quarterback for the New England Patriots (daughter Vivian) -Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick with their twins Marion and Tabitha -Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly -Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millipied -Kim Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart -Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgard -Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa -Fergie -Rihana
CYBEX Accepting the 2012 JPMA Award Simon Cowell
CYBEX Accepting the 2012 JPMA Award Fergie
CYBEX Accepting the 2012 JPMA Award Gisele Bundchen
CYBEX Accepting the 2012 JPMA Award Tom Brady

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