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Featured Brand: Green Frog Art

Featured Brand: Green Frog Art

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Green Frog Baby Antique White Cradle Set Antique White Cradle Set
Green Frog Art was started back in 1996. It began when Kelly Neal, founder of Green Frog Art, was shopping with a friend who was decorating her first baby nursery. Being a sophisticated mom, though she liked cute things, she really wanted a nursery that would look sophisticated and comfy. She wanted it to coordinate with the overall décor of her home. She also did not want something that was gender specific. This would allow her to pass on her furniture and gear to any friend or family member without worrying about their baby's gender. At the time, Kelly's friend claimed that the market was very limited in this area. There were a lot of blue, pink, and baby themed lines, but hardly anything that could be moved out of the nursery without looking out of place. Being a successful, professional lawyer, Kelly went about checking that claim's validity in a through fashion. She found that her friend was absolutely correct! Now, Kelly had been contemplating opening a business of her own, but had not come up with a business idea that she was attracted to. Until that moment. The idea of designing a line of chic baby gear that would enhance and blend in with a home's decor excited Kelly and inspired her. She decided to give it her all. So how did the name Green Frog Art come about? Well, Kelly wanted to keep it neutral, positive, and enchanting. She sat down with a group of friends and a 6 pack and they all got to brainstorming. A lot of ideas were thrown around, but when Green Frog Art came up, they all fell in love with it. Green Frog was the perfect combination. Green gender neutral, and a warm color that inspires growth and serenity. Frogs are just fun, jumpy little beings that brings joy to many people's faces, even if it's just by watching a child wonder and exclaim at the surprise of seeing this little being hop around. And so, Green Frog Art was created. From the start, Green Frog Art established a reputation of superior quality workmanship with distinctive designs, at affordable prices. Their broad line of products ranged from cribs, to changers, to rocking chairs, wall decor and their well renowned cradles. The current president of Green Frog Art, Saul Wolhendler, is working to not only continue Green Frog's tradition of quality, style, and reasonable pricing, but to continue building relationships with current and new customers, and to branch out beyond their current line of nursery decor, furnishings, and accessories. He states that the company's goals and values remain the same, providing designer quality and artistry that they have built their reputation on. Check out their famed cradles here.

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