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Featured Brand: My Baby Sam

Featured Brand: My Baby Sam

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Tori Swaim Founder of My Baby Sam & New Arrivals Tori Swaim
Founder of:
My Baby Sam
New Arrivals
My Baby Sam. When I first heard the name of this manufacturer I automatically assumed that the name was chosen for the child of the founder. That is and isn't the case. While Tori Swaim did name this company after her children, none of them are actually named Sam. SAM is an acronym for the initials of her three chilsren, Sawyer, Austin, and Macy. So what prompted Tori to start a bedding line named for her children? Well it all really began back in 2001. Tori had a beautifully designed nursery with coordinating accessories. The only thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the bright blue baby wipes container. Having a strong sense of fashion, this bothered Tori. Why couldn't there be an accessory to cover the baby wipes container, just as we have in the bathroom for the tissue boxes? This open-ended question got the creative juices churning in Tori's mind. While busy around the clock being a wife to Steve and mother to three rambunctious children, Tori set out to create her solution. Thus, the Hide-a-Wipe Box was created. This was the start of Tori's ventures into designing nursery decor and accessories. She started New Arrivals and shared her creativity and sense of style with other moms looking for chic nursery products. A short while later Tori decided to go a bit bigger. While similar to New Arrivals, May Baby Sam was created to reach a wider audience. My Baby Sam also carries bedding, nursery decor, and baby gifts that are equally as fashionable and creative. This gives Tori another avenue to express her creativity and joy for everything baby and child related. Tori keeps coming up with new, contemporary designs, and doesn't seem to be slowing down. (She's even got the chevron pattern coming for both boys and girls for all of us out there that are crazy about this trend.) Where she gets her time and energy from is a secret I'd wish she'd share. Check out the popular sets from My Baby Sam:
My Baby Sam Chevron Baby in Aqua Chevron Baby - Aqua
My Baby Sam Chevron Baby Bedding in Pink Chevron Baby - Pink
My Baby Sam Paisley Splash in Lime Bedding Set Paisley Splash - Lime
My Baby Sam Paisley Splash in Pink Bedding Set Paisley Splash - Pink
My Baby Sam Pixie Baby in Aqua Bedding Set Pixie Baby - Aqua
My Baby Sam Pixie Baby in Pink Bedding Set Pixie Baby - Pink

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