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Featured Brand: Tiny Love

Featured Brand: Tiny Love

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I've always loved Tiny Love; from the enchanting name to their innovative and stimulating products.
Magical Night Projector Mobile Tiny Love Magical Night Projector Mobile
So how did it all begin? Back in 1991 Shoshi and Issac Oren started Tiny Love with the goal of creating fun, stimulating, engaging, and safe toys that both babies and their parents could enjoy together through playtime. They've geared their products toward parents and their babies up through the first 24 months of their life. Knowing that the first five years of a baby's life, particularly the first year or so, is when the fundamental development occurs in a human baby, their goal was to create toys that encourage bonding, healthy development, happy interaction, appropriate skill building, and that caters to a parent's ever-changing needs. To that end, Tiny Love stay in constant contact with child development experts, psychologists, parent groups, and even quality assurance specialists. They have maintained their standard all these years. Tiny Love proudly boasts prestigious international awards. They have proven their innovation and adaptability time and again, personified by the Gymini line that they launched in 2003. They've continued down that road by introducing their first electronic mobile in 2002. In 2010 they introduced their Gymini Bouncer line and have continued to grow it. And they haven't stopped there. Due to come out this month is their TinyHug Carrier. And while Tiny Love was acquired by Dorel Industries this past January, we are fully confident that the standards of Shoshi and Issac will be upheld. After all, Dorel has their very own child division which includes trusted brands including: Maxi Cosi and Quinny, among others.

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