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Five Tips for Running with A Stroller

Five Tips for Running with A Stroller

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Strollers and parenting go hand in hand. It’s almost impossible to be a parent without having a stroller for your baby. And if you really think about it, what parent could survive without some type of stroller for their children? If you want to take a nice walk out in the park or down to the local grocery store, pushing your baby in a stroller absolutely makes life so much easier than carrying your baby. As times have most definitely advanced, companies are now making strollers giving parent the ability to jog with their baby in a stroller. So today, we are going to discuss 5 tips to help you run with your jogging stroller. Understanding That Age Truly Does Make a Difference As simple as the conclusion is, it is absolutely not safe to go jogging with a jogging stroller if your baby is under six months old. The only exception is if your jogging stroller happens to come with a car seat adapter, then the under six-month rule will not apply to you. A mother or father should most definitely always take into consideration a child’s age when it comes to jogging with your baby. Let me give you a small example. Let’s say that you and your baby are out for a lovely morning jog in your gorgeous jogging stroller and there you are, running in the park and all of a sudden you take a fall. Just imagine the joggling stroller continuing to roll down the concrete! Imagine if your baby was under six months old, which is even more fragile because they are considered a true newborn. Always make sure that you wait until your child is over six months old, or at least use a car seat adapter for the joggling stroller if you still want to use your stroller before your child turns six months old. If you’re fortunate enough to have three toddlers, you’ll need to get a triple jogging stroller. There’s many to choose from, so before you buy one, make sure you read reviews to figure out which triple jogging stroller is best for you. Avoid the Dangerous Zones I absolutely cannot stress this key component enough; please, at all costs, try not to jog around busy intersections where there is a lot of traffic. Just make it easier on yourself and your baby, okay? Keep in mind that just because I advise you to not jog with your baby around busy traffic zones doesn’t mean that if you do, you will sure enough cause harm to yourself, as well your baby, but it’s always such an adequate idea to practice safety measures to the maximum when dealing with the life of you and your baby. You must remember that you are carrying with you, although in a stroller, but you are carrying a precious life with you as you take your morning or evening jog. What you need to do is locate a great, family oriented park where you know there is always movement and people around, yet still set away from all the heavy traffic of a city. Never Run Hands Free I absolutely cannot stress this enough on how utterly important it is to never and I mean, never run with your jogging stroller inside the hands-free zone. What does this exactly mean? Well, a lot of mothers or fathers will tend to push the jogging stroller a few feet in front of them and then run (exercise) to catch up with the stroller. Keep in mind that there is most definitely a baby in there and jogging strollers may accidentally get away from you, not that they aren’t equipped very well, but what if you accidentally trip and fall down, causing a parent to misplace time catching up with the jogging stroller? Please keep in mind that it’s never safe to take physical fitness risks while bringing your baby along. I would personally recommend just jogging with both hands upon your jogging stroller handle bars and believe me, you will definitely be able to obtain a great and strength worthy workout because the jogging strollers are generated in regards of smooth and quick running. Knowing How to Schedule Your Run This is especially important simply because you want to enjoy your run, don’t you? When you take your baby out to enjoy the daily or even weekly run with you, please take into consideration that it wouldn’t be a great idea to take your baby out before his or her naptime and so on, or even if your baby has a slight cold. Remember, babies are fragile emotionally and physically. Always remember to take the weather into consideration when deciding to take an outside jog because not only will this factor into your own jog, but the weather will most definitely affect the mood of your baby while jogging and it’s so vital to try and have a nice, kind, and healthy jog because a lot of exercising is within the mindset and not the muscle; it’s a beautiful combination of the two, so always remember to plan on calmer days within weather and mindset for you and your baby. Mix and Play While on Your Jog Keep in mind that it’s very important to mix up your jogging routine a little bit while you’re out with your baby. What I would personally recommend doing is stopping for a quick break in the park; just using that as a simple example as to where you may be jogging. As a general rule, most toddlers (yes, some parents take their two or three-year-old out jogging within their jogging stroller), so most toddlers absolutely love the idea of stopping for a break, being able to get out and stretch their legs, run around the park for a few minutes and even sit down for a nice little snack. Keep in mind that this would implement a perfect recharge for mom or dad as well. It’s never fun just taking a straight jog, going back home and spending the rest of the day indoors; take the time to literally take a break, sit down with your toddler while you rest your legs, watch the other visitors inside the park, laugh at the dogs passing by and simply learn to rest and enjoy the mixture of a family oriented exercise with your jogging stroller and baby! Guest post from Best Jogging Strollers

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