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Ford's New Baby Cot that will Blow Your Mind

Ford's New Baby Cot that will Blow Your Mind

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ford-max-motor-dreams-2There's many an anecdote about babies who won't fall asleep unless jostled to rest by a car ride. Trying to drive a car inside a house is very difficult, so Ford whipped up a more elegant solution. It's called Max Motor Dreams, and it brings the car to the cot. A phone app records a nighttime drive, and once everybody's back home, it tries to reproduce the experience of the drive using the cot. There's a small speaker underneath the cot that's meant to provide the muffled sound of an engine. Mechanicals underneath the cot produce gentle movement, simulating a car trip. The whole thing is capped off with a set of LED lights that provide the same warm glow that street lights do. It's all in the hopes of getting the little one to sleep faster. It's a brilliant idea, but sadly, you can't buy one... yet. Ford only built the one, as a pilot program to see if it was even worth pursuing. After a good deal of demand, though, the company is considering putting the Max Motor Dreams into production. Source: Cnet

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