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Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

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Summer’s over, right? No more flip flops and suntans. No more sandy toes and hair… Time to put away the sunblock, beach bags, and bathing suits. But wait! Don’t put away those shades just yet! Summer may be gone, but the sun is still here. And though it’ll be getting cold, that doesn't stop the sun from glaring in my eyes. (You know how annoying that is when you’re trying to drive…) Nor does it keep it from beating down on my baby in the back seat. Besides for the little one getting very hot and the light hurting her eyes, the window's glass does not block out all UV rays. estimates that most UVB rays (the ones that affect the upper, outer layers of skin) do not penetrate through glass. However, at least 50% of UVA rays (the ones that affect the deep skin tissue) do penetrate through glass. That’s a scary bit of knowledge for me! I never really paid much attention to the sun factor, other than putting on my sun glasses. But now that I knew, I needed a solution. I had a number of friends suggest that I get a car sun shade. I thought they meant those big ones for the dashboards, but they quickly clarified... I needed to get car window shades for babies. Here comes BenBat! I love these guys. They’re so innovative and creative. Check out their Bubble Dream Round Car Shade! It not only provides shade for the eyes, and protection from UV rays, but it also is designed to create a colorful environment and loads of engagement for my baby while on-the-go. Natural daylight creates fascinating textures through colorful bubbles that visually stimulate her senses. Features: Protects your child from harmful UV rays Filters light without restricting the view Stimulates baby's senses Easily attaches to the window with silicon pumps 2-pack; one for each side window or separate cars. Understated elegance for modern parents Ages 0 and up What do you do to help protect your kids from the sun? Sarah

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