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Funny Baby Gear: Baby Shower Cap

Funny Baby Gear: Baby Shower Cap

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Baby Shower CapA baby shower cap. I love this one! I've got no idea who was the first to create this design, but I think it's brilliant. I have always been a pro at getting a good shower when trying to hold and rinse my babies' heads while trying to avoid getting the water in their eyes. My husband and I would often joke that I should just get inside the bath with the baby. But now all new moms can be spared this debacle. Just stick the baby shower cap over your baby's head and rinse to your heart's content! They even come in a bunch of different colors so you can choose the one you like (blue, pink, yellow, orange). There is the bath visor, too, but the shower cap is way cuter! I wish I would have had it before Michael was too big to let me stick it on his head. It would have made for excellent pictures. So all you moms out there, do me the favor and post a picture of your baby using the baby shower cap for me. And let me know what you think of the whole idea. Sarah

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