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Funny Baby Products: The Daddle

Funny Baby Products: The Daddle

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DaddleThis one is really creative! Showcasing the... Daddle! We all have memories of sorts about riding our human horses. And the tradition carries on. Thank goodness it's usually Dad that is stuck with these adventures, and not me. So up climbs the little tot to perform in his own version of a rodeo. But you've got to be a really experienced rider to ride without a saddle. (I love to go horseback riding but never attempted to mount without a saddle.) So what do we do for our miniature jockey? Why, get the Daddle! The daddle is created for daddy-riding. It comes with a saddle pad, a girth (human style, around the shoulders in addition to under the belly). It's got stirrups attached to the saddle, which appears to be a barrel saddle (my husband really is not too humored by this part, or the whole product for that matter; wonder why, lol). At least they aren't encouraging heel spurs or a crop!

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