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Funny Baby Products: MadPax's Spiketus Rex

Funny Baby Products: MadPax's Spiketus Rex

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Ok. I've heard of spikes in hair, spikes on skin, spikes in computer games, and even spikes in a drink. But where have I been the past few years? MadPax makes a variety of interesting backpacks. The one that really caught my eye was the Spiketus Rex. I'm surprised that I didn't make a note of it earlier. I mean, there are enough celebrities out there whose children have used them: Britney Spears's son, Liev Schreiber's son, Hugh Jackman's daughter, and Naomi Watts's son (plus more...). These packs really crack me up. They take the standard backpack concept and convert it to something fun and flashy. Do you want spikes on your backpack? How about the turtle shell look? Or maybe you are more into dragon hide? Whatever the case, I give these guys tons of credit for coming up with such a unique and fun product. My only question is why it hasn't made it really BIG out there? I know my Joey would love one. What do you moms and dads think of this one?

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