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GB Asana 35 Infant Car Seat - Coming Soon!

GB Asana 35 Infant Car Seat - Coming Soon!

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GB is debuting their popular line of strollers and travel systems at the ABC Show this Spring in NYC. The most exciting item? The GB Asana 35 Infant Car Seat. The GB Asana35 car seat features the FirmFit system. What does that include? firmfitloadlegFirmFit Load Leg FirmFit Load Leg helps protect baby’s head, neck and spine in the event of a crash. This technology has been used in Europe for many years and we’re proud to be a pioneer in bringing it to the U.S. The FirmFit Load Leg is height adjustable and fits in most vehicles, even in the back seat center position. firmfitarmFirmFit Arm Our FirmFit Arm helps achieve a better, tighter, hence SAFER, fit to the car with minimal effort by providing 20 lbs of additional force. The Firm Fit Arm will give you the confidence that your car seat is secure, every single time. asana_firmfit_lg-851x682FirmFit Harness Adjusting harness straps can be nerve-wracking. (And easy to forget.) The FirmFit Harness takes the worry out. Simply pull the front strap to make the harness snug, and it conforms to the correct position on baby, every time. Harness and headrest move in harmony for constant Side Impact Protection, even as your baby grows. The telescoping design and push-button LATCH connectors make precision installation a breeze. The ergonomic handle and lightweight design enable easy and comfortable carrying. The GB Asana weighs just 9.2 lbs. and retails for just about $259.99 .

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