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GB Maris Platinum Stroller - Coming Soon...

GB Maris Platinum Stroller - Coming Soon...

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gb-maris-pushchair-416704GB will be launching some new items this week at the show, and they are really beautiful. The new GB Platinum line will consist of the GB Maris stroller (and perhaps the GB Idan infant seat). The GB Gold line will definitely show the GB Pockit stroller that you can read all about here. The GB Maris embodies a new kind of innovation and versatility, the perfect piece of equipment for modern metropolitan life. Sublime design elements such as the central hinge make exchanging the stroller seat with a carry cot or an infant car seat intuitive and easier than ever. Whatever age your little one is, and whatever your tastes, the Maris has you covered with its 3-in-1 system: simply press the button on each side, choose your seat attachment, and click it into place. The Maris has a ‘hard shell’ comfort seat with an ingenious recline mechanism. When the headrest is lowered backwards the seat unit smoothly slides out from underneath in one movement, providing exceptional comfort for the little ones - a true flat recline. All this luxury is matched by a design DNA perfectly adapted to today’s urban lifestyle. Another small feature that makes life easier - when you want to reverse the seats, you can just press the memory buttons on each side in, and then lift the seat. No need to hold the buttons down while you try to lift it. The brake is super easy to lock and unlock. The storage basket can hold up to 11". The sides of the basket lift up to provide extra security so that your stuff don't get lost. The wheels are foam-filled rubber, and all four wheels have suspension. This distinctly metropolitan stroller is compact and lightweight with a width of only 21", meaning that subways, elevators, shopping aisles and steps are easily manageable. The Maris can be folded quickly - with the seat in either direction! - and easily using only one hand, and can be lifted with a smart carry handle. Flip forward the seat, and push down handlebar. Automatically it's a standing fold and locks. The stroller weighs 24 lbs. Apartment living parents who climb stairs to get home, will find the Maris refreshingly easy to carry.
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