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Get Peace of Mind with a Snuza Monitor

Get Peace of Mind with a Snuza Monitor

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Snuza-Go-Side-Baby-460x345 (1)Parents experience the most anxiety when their newborn comes home for the first time. You're up way too often during the night, checking on your baby to see if there is movement. Snuza's innovative baby movement monitors give you the support when you need it most. Snuza is a leading manufacturer of portable baby movement monitors that ensure peace of mind for tired, anxious parents. Snuza-Hero-Baby-And-Mom-460x345 (1)With rapid evolving technology, baby movement monitors quickly became the must-have device in every baby room. Snuza has developed baby movement monitors that clip on your little one rather than using motion sensors like conventional monitors. The Snuza Hero and Snuza Go! are award-winning portable products clip onto the top of the nappy and rests against the abdomen, to check for regular movement. Both baby movement monitors are cordless and alert you when your baby’s movement patterns become sporatic. This is one of the best ways to keep peace of mind while your baba is sleeping or enjoying playtime. Snuza Hero baby monitor is a wearable device, which attaches to baby's diaper and monitors normal abdominal movement. The Snuza® Hero is a vibrating movement monitor and will vibrate after 15 seconds in an effort to cause resumption of abdominal movement, this is then followed by a loud alarm. Snuza Go! Baby monitor is a wearable clip-on baby monitor, which is attached to baby's diaper, ensuring normal abdominal movement is maintained. The ultra-sensitive flexible tip is a vibrating movement monitor, designed to detect the slightest of movements. If no movement at all is detected for a period of 20 seconds, Snuza® Go! will emit an audible alarm to alert you. The 20-second period can be reduced to 15 or 18 seconds if preferred.

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