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Guzzie and Guss - Coming to the USA!!

Guzzie and Guss - Coming to the USA!!

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photo 1One of the most popular strollers in North America is finally coming to the US - and to PishPoshBaby!! All Guzzie+Guss strollers are so phenomenally designed, you'd guess that it would cost an arm and leg - but it doesn't. Guzzie+Guss is dedicated to delivering uncompromising quality and functionality without sacrificing price. That's a bit hard to find in today's market - but they are here to fill that gap. Guzzie+Guss has two strollers - one urban (Connec +4) and one all-terrain (Connec +3) . Born out of the idea to make busy parents lives easier and simpler, the guzzie+Guss Connec+ system creates an environment that blends lifestyle with convenience. Whether your present need is a single stroller, highchair, rocker or twin stroller, guzzie+Guss Connec+ system has you connected. How cool is that??? The Guzzie+Guss strollers are perfect for moms who want that sleek look, but don't want to give up on storage space (think Mima, ect). Check out the photo's of the new Guzzie+Guss in our showroom and check back for more details on pricing and availability!

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