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Hatch Smart Changing Pad - Reinventing the Nursery!

Hatch Smart Changing Pad - Reinventing the Nursery!

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maxresdefaultHatch is reinventing the nursery starting with the Smart Changing Pad. This innovative and modern twist on the traditional changing pad helps parents accurately track their babies' growth, feedings, diapers, and sleep on their smartphones. Monitor your baby's weight gain as part of your regular routine. Compare her growth percentile to worldwide (WHO) data and Hatch babies like yours. Track how much your baby is drinking at every feeding. Know your baby is eating enough and watch his growth from week-to-week. Every diaper change is instantly saved in the Hatch app, making it easy to track your baby's wet and dirty diapers. Whether you’re doing errands or at work, know when and how much your baby is sleeping and eating anytime, from anywhere. The HATCH changing pad will become your best mom-friend:)

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