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Beat The Heat: 5 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep Better This Summer

Beat The Heat: 5 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep Better This Summer

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Getting your baby to sleep can be hard at the best of times but uncomfortably warm and sweaty nights mean helping them drop off (and stay asleep) is even more tricky. That’s because our core body temperature needs to decrease before we can snooze. Here are five ways to keep your baby cool and help them sleep better this summer.


1. Cool down their bedroom

Cooling your baby’s bedroom down starts at the beginning of the day. Close the blinds and curtains to help their bedroom stay cooler as the temperature rises throughout the day.

At bedtime, place bottles of frozen water or damp towels around the room to help cool things down further.

You're aiming for a room temperature of 60 to 68 degrees Farenheit. But it’s best to check your baby’s body temperature to gauge whether to increase or decrease the temperature and know how many layers to use.

Installing blackout blinds will also help regulate your baby’s body clock. A combination of hot weather and evening sunlight can make it more difficult for your baby to drop off. Those beams of sunlight suppress the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us sleepy. Blocking out those rays to create a dark sleep space will help your baby stick to their routine.


2. Get air circulating

Where possible, leave windows and doors open to let air circulate and create a draught. If the breeze from the window isn’t enough, break out the big guns and get a fan or air purifier. 

We love the Crane Desk Top Air Purifier and Fan with UVC Light. Not only does it create that lovely ‘cool breeze’ factor to improve your baby’s comfort in warm conditions, it efficiently cleans your indoor air. Airborne particles such as fungi, mold spores, dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens that can cause watery eyes, skin irritation, congestion, stuffy noses and bouts of coughing will be removed, helping your baby rest better. 

Make sure you point the purifier or fan away from your baby’s bassinet or cot. Get extra cool points by putting a bowl filled with ice cubes in front of the fan.


3. Monitor your baby’s temperature

When it’s hot, it’s a great idea to monitor your baby throughout the night and check they’re not overheating. A simple ‘touch test’ will do the job – you can check their temperature by feeling their back, neck and tummy. 

Signs baby is too hot while sleeping include:

  • Flushed skin
  • Hot, sweaty or clammy to the touch, especially around neck and hair
  • Hot, red ears
  • Fast, shallow breathing
  • Rapid heart rate.

If they feel too hot, remove a layer of clothing. Cool them down by dabbing a damp washcloth over their body. Offer them hydration.

Your baby will probably be more thirsty than usual at night anyway, and may wake up more frequently to feed. Go with it, and make sure you're well hydrated too, particularly if you’re breastfeeding.


4. Use a lightweight sleep sack

Does baby need a sleep sack in summer? It may seem counterintuitive when it’s really warm. But sleeping in nothing but a diaper can make it tricky for your baby to fall asleep – and stay asleep. The temperature can alter during the night and your baby might wake up feeling cold. 

We recommend a 100%-cotton sleepsack like this Halo one. It’ll add a light layer to keep your little one feeling safe and secure. The natural fibers will wick away moisture from your baby’s body as they sleep, regulating their temperature and keeping them comfy.

halo sleepsack


5. Keep them in the shade

Beautiful weather means you and your family will want to go out and enjoy it. But how do you beat the heat so your baby can comfortably sleep while you’re out and about? 

If you’re taking the stroller, add a sun cover or parasol. We like the Stokke Xplory® X Sun Shade, which is compatible with the Xplory X seat and carry cot. Made of breathable UPF 50+ fabrics, it protects your baby from direct sunlight, provides plenty of shade and ventilation and creates a comfortable cocoon of calm for your baby to relax and recharge. Simple to use, it’s light and easy to attach.

Stokke Xplory X Sun Shade

If your baby chooses to slumber in the carrier, we recommend the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini 3D Mesh. The 3D mesh is made of 100% polyester, a supersoft, flexible fabric that dries quickly after washing. This is a high-tech, breathable fabric, so it stays pleasantly cool when you’re babywearing, keeping your baby comfortable when you’re out exploring in hot weather. 

Want to beat the heat in style? Shop our summer must-haves for the coolest baby products.

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