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How to Babyproof the House

How to Babyproof the House

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Once your baby has started to crawl or walk, they have likely morphed into a tiny explorer on a mission, armed with nothing but chubby fingers, an affinity for tasting everything in sight and a knack for finding things you never even knew existed. 

Yes, that innocent newborn that once marveled at the ceiling fan has transformed into a mischievous munchkin who leaves no stone unturned, no drawer unopened, and no cabinet unexplored.

The escapades of your little one are thrilling and alarming - because as funny as it is to see them gleefully pulling out pots and pans from the cupboards or investigating the mysteries of the Dust Bunny Kingdom under the couch, there are many hazards around your home that pose as dangers to your unknowing baby.

When it comes to safety, there are no shortcuts, and babyproofing your home is no exception. Let’s go through many of the potential hazards around your home and learn how to outsmart your very own Curious George. By following these clear steps, you’ll turn your living space into a fortress of safety where exploration is encouraged and mishaps are minimized.


Secure Furniture and Electronics

Heavy furniture, such as bookcases, dressers, and screens, should be anchored to the wall to prevent them from tipping over and falling onto a little climber. TV screens should be secured with straps as well. 

Also, ensure that the cords from electronics such as computers and lamps are out of reach or securely tucked away to prevent tripping hazards and the risk of strangulation.


Install Safety Gates

Baby gates are essential for blocking off stairways, doorways, and any insecure areas you don’t want your baby to have access to.

Our collection of gates range from hardware installed to pressure mounted, and are made from a variety of materials to match the decor of any home. We love these acrylic pressure mount gates  - they're simple to install, provide utmost safety and are beautiful as well.


Cover Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are enticing for curious little fingers. Use outlet covers and plugs to prevent your baby from inserting objects into the sockets. Be sure to cover all accessible outlets throughout your home, including those behind furniture and appliances.

Speaking of electrical objects, make sure to unplug appliances when they're not in use so that those aforementioned fingers can't activate them.


Keep Risky Items Under Lock and Key

Cabinets and drawers containing household cleaners, medications, sharp objects, and other hazards should be secured with childproof locks or latches. Even those that seem impossible to reach. Little detectives get very creative in their methods of clambering up to those elusive areas.

Install locks on the cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, and any other areas accessible to your baby. 

Think of any other risky areas of your home and secure them lock, stock, and barrel- such as windows, the fridge/freezer, and front-loading washers/dryers. Even hot dishes and liquids that are on a counter - push them away from the counter edges where they may fall as your baby tiptoes and attempts to yank at them.


Remove Choking Hazards and Toxic Substances

Babies are prone to putting objects in their mouths, so it's crucial to remove small items that could pose a choking risk. Keep small toys, coins, batteries, and other small objects out of reach. Regularly vacuum and sweep floors and rugs to remove small debris that your baby could pick up.

Remove any breakable decor such as glass bowls, diffusers, and delicate picture frames. (Yes, Grandma’s house is likely one huge minefield of fragility.)

If babies or toddlers are exposed to lead from chipping paint surfaces, it can cause severe neurological problems down the line. Even though it was banned in 1978, lead paint still exists in many homes. Contact a lead detection company to ensure your house is free from lead contamination.


Guard Your Cleaning Agents

The  bold packaging and fruity scents of cleaning products are eye candy to a baby. Especially the liquid laundry gel packs; thousands of calls to poison centers were made in recent years because of those pods. Ensure all cleaning agents are kept safely out of reach. 

While some may opt for trendy, uniform storage solutions in their closets, it's best to avoid transferring cleaning products into unmarked containers to prevent confusion and potential accidents, especially for children who may mistake them for food.


Soften Sharp Edges

Poor little walkers! Tables and chairs do not accommodate their height. Cute curly heads can easily bump into protruding edges as they go about their playing and running. 

Cover sharp edges and corners of furniture, countertops, and other hard surfaces with corner guards or bumpers. These soft cushions provide protection against bumps and falls and help prevent injuries.

On the topic of innocent household items causing injuries, installing finger slam guards on doors is a great way to ensure that little fingers don't get caught or pinched when doors close.

Monitor Water Safety

Always supervise your baby around water, whether it's in the bathtub, swimming pool, or even a bucket of water. Empty buckets and containers immediately after use, and never leave your baby unattended in or near water, even for a moment.

A bathtub mat is the perfect grip for a slippery tub surface.


Stay on Your Toes

By following these guidelines, you'll find peace of mind knowing you've done everything in your power to keep your little explorer safe and sound.

However, however, however, as a parent you need to sprout a third eye and develop a sixth sense. No matter how much you childproof a home, you can never be vigilant enough. 

You NEED to supervise your child at all times because silence is the loudest warning. If it's suddenly too quiet, it's not a great sign.

Being that they'll likely scale the unscalable and try to bypass your baby-proofing precautions, ensuring your child’s safety involves proactivity, constant attention to detail, and maybe just a few scraped knees along the way.

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