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How to Choose the right Travel System

How to Choose the right Travel System

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10179_sebby-(teal)_2700Strollers, car seats, adapters… OH MY! The world of travel systems may seem scary at first, but I’m here to share my expert tips for creating the perfect CUSTOMIZED travel system for your growing family! Most couples have an idea of how many kids they’d like to have. If you’ve always known you only want one child, then the stroller world is pretty wide open for you (don’t panic… we can help!) If you hope to have more than one child, there are several AWESOME “convertible” strollers now that can convert from single, to double or even triple! This saves your family a lot of money down the road! Some of our most popular convertible strollers are the Uppababy Vista and the Bugaboo Donkey. Both of these can accommodate newborn bassinets, a full sized toddler seat, and even a ride-along attachment for your oldest! Triple strollers have never looked so good! k2-_7ce1342d-f9fd-4d20-9b68-e8ff0edffc70.v1There are SO many different infant car seats on the market today – and it seems like everyone has their own favorite. The truth of the matter is, the USA doesn’t “rank” car seats by safety. They either pass or fail the crash tests. Some brands like Britax, Cybex and Nuna go above and beyond when it comes to safety features. Even though their seats have passed the test, they still add in side-impact protection and stabilizing headrests (among other features.) So now you’ve chosen your stroller and car seat… now for the “scary” part! Adapters aren’t as scary as people like to think. Most brands are made to be left on the stroller frame and once you’ve clicked them in – you’re done! Some of the easiest ones to use are Britax and Maxi Cosi (works with Cybex and Nuna.) The most common misconception is, to have a good travel system you need everything to be the same brand. That just isn’t true! One of our most popular systems lately is the Uppababy Vista convertible stroller with the Nuna Pipa infant car seat. With more and more stroller companies making more adapters – the choice is yours! Contact a Baby Gear Expert today to help build your customized travel system! We’re moms, we get it!

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