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How to Cope with Twins

How to Cope with Twins

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Welcome to the world of twins! Where two tiny humans bring double the joy, double the fun, and (let’s be honest) double the trouble!

You may already be a mom of twins or still in shock after seeing two tiny miracles on your ultrasound. Yet no matter your stage, it’s normal for a mom of twins (or twins to be) to think, “If I couldn’t manage to schedule one child, how ever will I schedule two?” And it’s true that when it comes to caring for the needs of twins, 1+1 doesn’t = 2.  The whole reality is greater than the sum of its parts.

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can ace it and embrace it by learning to manage all the challenges that come along with the arrival of two cute bundles. And by being armed and prepared, you may just feel more in control than the at-the-mercy-of-the-baby-boss attitude of caring for a single baby.

So without further ado let's double down on actual effective ways of how to cope with twins and enjoy this beautiful time as well.

Sync their schedules: 

Yes, twins are two humans, each with their own complete set of needs, yet you can pay attention to their feeding, sleeping and playing times, to develop a routine so that you’re tending to them simultaneously. Otherwise, it’s an endless blur of diapers and feedings and diapers and feedings, 24/7.

You can establish a schedule: Do your best to put your babies to sleep and wake them up at the same time each day, even on weekends. Because consistency creates a routine.

And remember the 2 in 1 rule:

  • During the day, feed them at set times.
  • If one wakes up for a midnight snack, wake up the other one.

This will help coordinate their naps and feeding cycles to give you more and more predictable free time. 

Say yes! to all  help

As a mom of twins, you're essentially a champion. But even champs need a sidekick (or two). Don't be afraid to enlist the help of your spouse, family members, or friends.  

Even if you never accept offers of help and you take pride in being self-sufficient, this is the time to get over that. Whenever someone offers you something, say yes!

  • Say yes! when your friend offers to send dinner one night.
  • Say yes! when your neighbor’s teen volunteers to help entertain the older sibling(s) or assist with bathtime.
  • Say yes! When your husband says he’ll tackle the insane amount of laundry (even he folds shirts like a paper airplane).

Invest in good twin gear

There are so many great products out there to help you carry your loads, in both the figurative and literal sense.

If you find yourself needing to hold both babies at once, like carrying them down the stairs or outside, invest in a baby carrier. This way you can put the heavier twin in the carrier and hold the other one in your free arms.

The Baby Bjorn’s comfort-fit and breathability make it a popular choice

Have your little ones sleep close to you in the Halo Bassinest Twin Sleeper that rotates easily for max convenience. And the mesh divider keeps each baby in their own area, yet still allows them to see and comfort each other. 

One of our favorite and bestselling double strollers is the Valco Baby Duo Trend - it's light, has a one-hand fold, and pushes like a dream. The Cloud/Night fashion is a PishPosh Baby exclusive!

If your babies are sleeping in the nursery, installing a camera is a great way to always keep tabs on them and see what they’re doing. 

Travel smart 

When you gotta hit the road and two cute travel companions, aka the twins, will be joining you….

#1: Try to pack the babies to go while they’re sleeping. Load their diaper bags and bring everything you'll need to the car so that you don't get stuck with babies in the car and items in the house.

When it comes to bringing them to the car:

  • Wheel them both at once in a double stroller, put one baby at a time into their car seat, and then stash the folded stroller into the trunk.


  • Invest in two Doonas. People hail it as a lifesaver, being that it eliminates the car seat-transfer step. With a simple press of a button, the Doona converts from a stroller to an infant seat that snaps easily into its base in the car. 

Of course, it's always best to have another pair of hands to give a hand in loading and unloading the car.

The best care is self care

In the midst of juggling two tiny dependents, it's easy to forget about your own needs. But here's the thing: you can't pour from an empty cup - self-care is the best coping advice.

Get a night nurse if possible. Even a night or two a week is a game changer, a couple of nights of good sleep go a looong way.

If that’s not an option, you can make arrangements for someone to babysit the twins in the morning so at least you can sleep then. Even if it’s not the same as sleeping through the night, it’ll help you get  through those late hours because you know help is on the way in the a.m. 

Or, whenever there’s a window, dive into your bed. Always nap when your twins do.

And do things that revitalize you. Going for a walk, indulging in a good book, hiring some cleaning help, or ordering takeout for dinner are some great ideas. Remember, a happy mama means happy babies.

Flexibility is your friend: 

Repeat: flexibility is your friend! Some days you might be coping beautifully, while on other days may feel like all hell has broken loose. 

Let go, don't assume that you need to do anything much besides literally feeding and cuddling the babies. Your house can be a mess. You can have PB sandwiches for dinner. It's okay. And give yourself some credit.

When you're knee-deep in diaper changes and busy nights, it's easy to lose sight of the small victories. But trust me, they're there, lurking in the midst of the chaos. Celebrate those wins, whether it's a successful naptime or a synchronized feeding session. You deserve the credit!


So there you have it, hero mama. 

Coping with twins may feel like an uphill battle at times, but with a little bit of humor and  a whole lot of patience, you'll have those dynamic duos marching to the beat of the same drum in no time. 

And even if they don’t cooperate perfecly with your attempts, you've still got this, one diaper change at a time.

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