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parent holding a newborn baby dressed in a hat

Baby It’s Cold Outside: How To Keep A Newborn Warm In Winter

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It’s one thing to keep yourself warm while out and about in the cold weather months, but with a newborn in tow, things can get complicated. How do you make cold weather adventures with your little one toasty, safe and fun? Here, we share how to keep your newborn baby warm in winter.


Can You Take A Newborn Outside In Winter?

Yes! Fresh air and exposure to natural daylight helps infants acclimatize to the seasons and the day-and-night cycle. Whether it's in a stroller or carrier, being outside often calms fussiness and can help your baby sleep

Once the temperature gets below freezing or it’s cold and windy, however, don’t take your little one out for extended periods. Your newborn sweetie can’t self regulate their core temperature yet. Small babies lack the ability to increase heat by shivering and don’t have the body fat needed to warm back up once they get cold.


How To Dress A Newborn In Winter

If you want to head outside with your little one in winter, you’ll need an early start! There’s a lot to get together. Preparation is key – as well as some go-to pieces of kit.


Put On Layers

A good rule of thumb is that your newborn baby needs one more layer of clothing than you do. So, gather any extra clothing that you need in one place, so that you can dress your baby as quickly as possible before you head out. 


newborn baby asleep wrapped up in a blanket

First, pop on a snug bottom layer, such as leggings and a onesie. Then add pants and a long-sleeved shirt or sweater. 


Wrap Up For Outside Adventures

On milder days, add a winter jacket. If it’s arctic, a snowsuit is a great option. Dress your baby in their outfit for the day, then simply slip them into their snowsuit just before you go out in the stroller or carrier, or get out of the car. 


Don’t Forget A Hat, Gloves And Socks/Booties


Babies can lose a lot of heat through their heads, so always put a hat on your baby when going outside in winter. We love this hat from Adora! Pop on some gloves if they’re not built into their snowsuit and keep those tootsies toasty with socks or booties.


Remove Layers When You Come Back Indoors

Many shops, cafes and even your own home are kept very warm. Always take off your baby's hat and those extra layers of clothing when you come back inside. Yes, even if it means waking them from their nap!


How To Stay Warm In The Stroller

In the stroller, a seat liner or footmuff will provide extra warmth and coziness – and you won’t need that extra snowsuit layer. 

If you’ve dressed your baby in a snowsuit, tuck a blanket around it to chest level to keep them warm and snuggly on freezing days. The Zandino Couture Plush Blanket comes in an impressive twenty-two colorways! Oh-so-soft and super cozy for your little bundle. 

Don’t be tempted to throw a blanket over your baby’s stroller or protect it with a plastic cover as this may restrict airflow and compromise your baby’s breathing. Many strollers have covers especially fitted to that brand to allow appropriate air circulation.

Worried about losing a glove while juggling both a fussy baby and a stroller? We’ve got you. Our range of gloves and mittens that attach to your stroller handle mean stylish protection from the elements for parents, too.


What Should My Baby Wear In The Car Seat In Winter?

Even if your car hasn’t warmed up yet, always remove your baby’s coat, jacket or snowsuit. This isn’t an overheating issue – it’s to keep them safe.

The problem is that you may need to loosen the harness to accommodate that extra layer. In an accident, that material could compress, leaving space for your newborn to come unsecured, elevating the chance of injury.

So, remove any extra outer layers and click your baby into the car seat as usual. Then layer over the top as needed. You could use a blanket – we love the Zandino Charlotte Knit Blanket  – or a car seat cover. The Britax B-Warm Car Seat Cover fits all infant seats and keeps your newborn protected from the elements while you transfer them from your home to the car. Once your car begins to warm up, remove the blanket or unzip the cover.


How To Baby Wear In Winter

mother wearing her baby in a carrier in the snow


Carriers are a great way to keep your newborn toasty in cold weather, with your body heat. We like the Nuna CUDL Clik, which has breathable mesh fabric to make babywearing cool and comfy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Dress your baby in their winter wear. Remember to cover their head, feet and hands.
  • Put on your own coat and adjust the carrier so it fits over it. 
  • Pop your newborn in the carrier.   
  • Ensure their face is always visible, free to move against your chest and above the fabric of the carrier, particularly when you’re wearing bulky winter clothing.
  • Tuck a blanket around the carrier if it’s super-cold.
  • Monitor your little one to check they’re not too hot or cold. Touch their cheek or nose occasionally, or check their neck to see if they’re sweating.
  • Watch out for ice and be careful not to slip and fall yourself. Invest in a good pair of snow boots to cope with icy sidewalks.

Need more cold weather climate inspo? Head to the PishPosh Baby blog.

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